I recently forwarded an email to a select few people the page to link to a video of interest:

The video

The email (blog) contained this video:   They Went to the ATM. Instead of Cash, They Got the Surprises of Their Lives.

The response:

"Hi Keith,

Fun stuff.  I’ve had this experience.  As you know, I call it a vote of confidence rather than a gift.  I’ve had situations where, for example, I had a bartender assigned to also wait table at a busy, busy place during a big sports game that was showing on t.v.  Unlike others, I was not interested in the game but instead observed him and how he handled people, stress, all sorts of “hazards” and I was very impressed.  So when the bill came, I gave him a $500 tip telling him that he would go far in life.  He may have had some tears.  Little ones.  He told me that he and his girlfriend had just been evicted from their apartment and he didn’t know what they would do.  He did say that nothing like this had ever happened in his life and I knew that he took “it” with him.  Who knows.  Perhaps I made a difference in terms of his perception of “life.”

You see, for me, as you know, my belief is that we’re all in this together, that we all strive for the same things, that we all want to be seen, loved as individuals, as us, as we, as I.  So, when given (or more accurately “taking”) the opportunity to do just that with even a stranger if he/she is deserving, perhaps I CAN make a difference.  And even if I can’t, I’ve done SOMETHING.

That’s a good website “Happify Daily.”  I intend to watch the long TED one on body language.

Thank you, friend, who likely will make a difference on a grander scale than I."

My response:


You hadn't mentioned this that I recall. 

Truly inspiring!

Of course, this is what you are all about.  This is a part of how you think - and how you think and care is a big part of why I hold you as so extraordinary a friend and a truly great person to know.  I am privileged to know you!


Further thoughts:

I like lots of people, but have few people I associate with as acquaintances or friends. 

I am not unfriendly nor am I at all unsupportive of others, but I decided that I would only associate with people whom I greatly value.

And I am privileged to have a few special people in my life, who inspire me and make me a better person and who make the quality of my life be better. 

I am grateful for those few very special people.

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