The "Quik Results" Book is not exactly a "here do this" book nor a summary book, for it also includes some (hopefully) "just-enough" explanations to make the implementation more effective. (If you want everything culled down to the bare essentials, you'd go to something like Checklists For Running Your Life.)

It is designed, as the title suggests, to have you get substantial results very quickly.  This way, for a short investment of time, you can get rewards from reading it immediatelyand alot more within two weeks of starting the book.  Yes, you also will normally keep reaping increasing rewards and benefits after that, but they will be bonuses from what you've already done in the first two weeks. 


Of course, you can go into more depth as you wish, but you will have already reaped such a good reward that you don't mind investing a more time into going deeper to reap even greater rewards. 

Generally, it is my intention to write the Quick Results books to include sufficient links to the website and other resources that you can choose to go down the rabbit hole as deeply as will benefit you.  This practice is part of what leads to "branch learning" or "branched learning", where you first go from the roots of the topic up the core/trunk of the tree to the top to reap the benefits and perspective.  As you go up the trunk, you may want to take a branch to go down a little to understand the subject sufficiently to proceed on up the trunk.  But I urge you to limit the branch side trips to the minimum needed or that will work for you in your judgment - and then to go back later to re-read the book and follow the branches which will benefit you. 


The Idiots, Dummies, and other summary books are pretty thick, with alot of extra material so that they can make sure that they cover everything.  A Quik-Results book removes everything but the most essential material and limits itself only to that which will lead you effectively to get big results for the investment of the smallest amounts of time. 

Similar, but...

A Quik-Results Book can be similar to an "80%" Book, as it contains the highest impact, quick results items.  A Quik-Results book could be shorter than an 80% book, as its goals will be to achieve less per se, but to achieve a very, very large impact with very little time.

Effective learning principle

Branch Learning - Don't Climb Out On The Limbs Until Later - By following this process, you can get quicker results, but also, later, go into whatever level of depth you want to go, by following the branches of this "learning tree".

Even quicker...

If you want to go right to the core of what needs to be done or to how to do what you want, you would use the checklists and procedures for the items.  See the master page:

Checklists For Running Your Life

A key effectiveness principle involved here

Basically, this principle is based on the 80/20 Principle, but with a unique perspective over time:

Operating Based On Marginal Returns - Stop When They Are Not As Great As The Alternative!