(Print this page and put it behind your "Rules" tab in the small reminders notebook.)

This page is about assuring that you will make good progress in building and following a process to enhance your life to the point where it is great!

(Am I following these?  You might use this as a daily or periodic checklist.)

__ You must be the avid student, proactive, figuring things out.

    __ Set aside the necessary, and sufficient, time and assure it is protected, inviolable

__ Solve your problems asap, if you want to Live Life As A Life Champion

__ Keep a list of problems that you add to every day that one occurs (or reoccurs). 

   __ Work out the short term problem for the day, but ask if there is a long term
        problem here to work on.  Write it out and solve it right away (or as soon as
        possible), unless something else is of doable higher priority.
    __ Use the structure (such as forms) already existing for problem solving - minimize
         doing it poorly off the cuff (until you get to be masterful at it). 
         __  Always break down the complex into the solvable pieces. Use the forms for

__ Write it out, no more leaving it in the murky world of the head. 

__ Take the time to make a good, reasoned decision (when you have high energy and

__ Don't deviate at all from routines and decisions - life will be easier overall.
__ Focus on one thing at a time for a sufficient amount of time to make progress
    __ Only quickly write down thoughts and possible to dos, for later and go instantly
         back to the item you are committed to focusing on.

__ Don't defy gravity (i.e. the principles and laws that work, the natural forces).

__ Always keep your word.

__ If you wake up in "deficit" (a state of "not enough") or find yourself in deficit at any
   time, do this:
   __  Ask what is needed, going down your list.  Never allow self to be out of well
        functioning balance.   Never, never, never... Ask which of these do I need to do
         right now?.
        __ Assure enough
              Food (energy supply)
              Rest, renewal (take a nap even at an odd time of day, such as 9 am even)
                  __ Do not "power through it" unless there is a true emergency!
              Deep breathing and stabilization
              Relaxation of the body
              Posture (stand tall, stretch)
        __ Assure emotional balance. (Do not let it stay out of balance for even a
            __ Ask, and answer, in writing always: What is going on emotionally? 
            __ What am I thinking such that I feel I am in deficit or such that I am
                 "feeling bad"?   
            __ What can I do to solve this problem? 
                 __ Write out what I think
                 __ Use an already set up list (of yours or from the site)
                      (Specific Emotions/Issues from Emotions Contents page,
                            The Emotional Emergency Kit page, or
                            What To Do When... page.
                            Since we can't remember all of this or do alot of things at once,  break down your
                            own list into small checksheets of what to do.) 
                  __ Schedule time to "complete" the revision of the underlying beliefs,
                       such that the problem will not repeat itself - huge dividends to
                       finishing off the false beliefs!

Rules are used as a "way to proceed" better along a path.

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It is vital that you give up this...

Give up the hopeless process of trying to solve the problems in life by increasing one's efficiency, to do it faster or "better". 

Embrace, instead, "choosing" that which is most effective and discarding the chaff of life. 

We have limited time and limited capacity and we should limit ourselves to using those for what is of the most value.

Stop spending any time on the peripheral, less relevant, less valuable things that will otherwise get in the way of the valuable.  He who waits to see how much time is "left over" for what is important is guaranteed not to "get to" the point of being able to live a good life.

This is the only way to create true happiness in life.  There is no other way, no miracle, no ability to "have it all".

This is the only way.