So far, but this is being filled in more.

The ranking system is linked to from the sidebar piece.

500 Learning how to better take care of myself emotionally and how to live life better.

100 Increasing my wisdom so that I can be a better example for others and contribute to the lives of my grandchildren by influencing them with that wisdom

50 Taking care of my health

13 Spend time with my spouse, if he is present emotionally and physically.

11 Spend time my grandchildren (and one mother with whom I have a close and lasting relationship)

9 Working in the Temple

9 Learning more about my religion, going to church and related activities

9 Teaching (right now teaching others how to live at a higher spiritual level)

9 Encouraging my spouse

9 Visiting with my sisters

9 Visiting with my children

8 Eat out with a friend

8 A chance to travel (even if only in the U.S.)  (List in bucket list.) 

8 A chance to get out and do things.  See her Bucket List.  (Example of one:  My 100+ Dreams List.)

5 Good books to read and learn from.

5 See a good movie.

No value items

Clothes and material things beyond the basics
News, TV

Jean basically has life pretty well set up for the taking, with lots of friends and a good church community and a very good family, though a frustrating relationship with her husband.  But she only needs to at this point learn to do things for herself and stop trying to please others or to prove herself worthy.  Certain beliefs and fears get in the way and produce a background conversation that is not a happy one.  But with the altering of the beliefs and fears and a questioning of what she learned as a child, she can have a truly wonderful life.