I have been asked via the site to "just tell me what to do so I can create what I want in life".   So...

This may seem to border on just another "how to" book, but, I think, it has a few advantages over the "broader" discussion and the how to books.

1.  Many "how to" books only give you part of the how to - which leaves you figuring out the next steps and/or the missing steps.

2.  The "what do I do next" books explain the concepts needed to tie things together and to achieve perspective.  And they just don't leave you hanging there trying to figure out what is next - which is where people often drop out of the cycle.  It just quickly starts you doing the next steps that have been proven to work, without steps missing.

This type of book could also be called a "just do this" book, which would be fine.  But I find that the question I often ask myself in reading a book is "what do I do next?" (Or sometimes "well, so what?")

The problem with many seminars and workshops is that they leave us hanging, with no practical bridge across the chasm to arrive at implementation and getting the results wanted.  After taking a major series, I decided that, eventually (years later) I would help to provide that bridge. 

In these books, you will get to the point of actually being able to get results - and an immediate (within a short period) gains - instead of just getting "smarter" or accumulating more data and information  (It does no good to become a useless tank of trivia unused for getting results...)

Though I wanted to make these brief, I realize that many people want to go a bit deeper in order to clear up and/or understand something better.  So, while keeping the books short and to the point, I added links and paths that you could just click on to answer your immediate questions and perhaps also to go back (after implementation) to read and learn more.  This approach is also called Branch Learning

And the books, in order to not become voluminous to try to reach perfection and magnificence, also are designed to be of the type of book I call An "80%" Book - where we get right to the meat of the subject - and then get on to implementation much faster than if one reads a grand treatise. 

So, please give me feedback  on how this works for you, once you've read one of the books.  (The updated list of the books will be at Books, Booklets, Special Summaries.)
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Although these are not "what do I do next" books, there are some sequences that you might wish to follow in the Learning/Implementation Programs section, plus some Checklists For Running Your Life that you can benefit from. 

What Is An "80%" Book - How Does It Benefit Me? - Quicker payoffs, more directly!  

Branch Learning - Books can be constructed to allow optional branches to go down - and providing those branches out all the way to further learning where needed.