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I wish I would have been learned much earlier "how to learn" - since I was inevitably going to be involved in lots of learning time.  

I suppose I picked up some tidbits here and there in the first twelve grades - but not nearly enough.

Fortunately, once I returned to college I took relatively early on a "How To Study" class, where I started using the elementary strategies of effectiveness.  I implemented a weekly sheet where I filled in what all my classes were on a standard sheet and then I filled in all of what I was to study and do. 

I didn't learn to "manage my energy", so I let myself get relatively inefficient in terms of energy and alertness - that cost me alot!

Of course, I let myself go without exercise - a huge mistake.

But I did learn how to take notes better, how to review and schedule out my reviews. 

And I did fit in a typing class, as I (duh!) figured out I needed to be able to type faster and better if I was to be a good student. 

But I waited until after my first, fairly difficult, year in graduate school to increase my reading (and scanning) speed AND my comprehension rate!  It was a saving grace for it made all the difference in my second year. 

If I had learned how to do my job (learning) as a student, I could have saved myself alot of stress, freed up alot of time, and learned more of what would be effective in the rest of my life. 

If you are a student in school and/or a student in life, I urge you to do it "the right way" - to learn upfront, asap how to learn!!!!


If school is for the purpose of learning how to make a living so that we are productive in terms of producing money, doesn't it make sense that we should learn how to be "productive" in terms of all the other areas of our lives? 

Can we just learn it "as we go" with no real directed effort, just from living life?

Well, judging by the results for most people the answer is definitely "NO!"

We should learn asap how to be a life student, just as the student needs to learn how to study while in school. 

It is preposterous, and in many cases very damaging, to live a life without learning how to effectively live it!  

(If you can effectively dispute this, please send me your argument, which I'll publish, with my answers to the points, for all to consider.)

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