Without wisdom, we (or at least our lives) perish. 

The following items are "scattered" across the spectrum, but they actually are related as you look down the visual "column".  Problems hardly exist at all (and there are no big problems) if you have reached reached anywhere close to being at the truly life wise stage.  It is very achievable and it begets one a marvelous life, not just some time off into the future, but in the present, as life is improve immediately as we gain each bit of wisdom, or what I call "life learning".

See the discussion after this "chart" of sorts....

     Not so good life                                            Kinda good                       Good life          Great life

Animal     Human        Primitive        Socialized                                           Growth            Wise
              Prefrontal    Evolved Man                                                         Personal          Actualized
                 Man                                                                                    Effectiveness   No problems

Reactive                                                                          Thinking                                 Proactive
(Run by                                                                                                                            Free
outside)                                                                                                                         Choosing

No solutions                                               Some solutions                                           Problem free


Low  attainment   Low skills    "Survival oriented"    So-so       Getting better                    High Attainment

Aw we rise in levels of being, many stop at being "socialized", so that they can get along.  Today's not so sane level of political correctness has people buying into the collective narrative, but not thinking for themselves.  As such, people are becoming victims of "group think" (or actually more like "group no think").  In the evolutionary past, such socialization (adherence to cultural rules and norms, cooperation) has us surviving much better (in tribes of varying sizes).  Today, we overdo it and fail to realize what is actually beneficial and what isn't - unless we actually reflect on it and question the often erroneous lessons taught to us and then create answers based on truth and great personal power.  The opposite of power is to seek approval and dependence thereon.

As we grow up in life, we become less and less dependent and then self sufficient and then we grow to using interdependence for our own good and for others good. 

As we grow up in life we may learn that we can elevate ourselves beyond just random living and learning and go from survival oritentation to actually not worrying about survival issues or gaining approval and then to actually thriving in life - which is, of course, our goal - and we should settle for nothing else. 

To get there we MUST insist absolutely on learning life as soon as possible, so that we can have a rock solid foundation from which to create the greatest life.  The way we get to the greatest life is living it as a person of great wisdom - and we only get to that point is we insist NO MATTER WHAT on focused, purposeful learning of wisdom, wasting no time on things of less importance until we get to the point of being totally "life powerful".  


Read the sequence in this directory and become wiser! 

Wisdom - Te Most Valuable "Possession" - Contents, Links  

And don't slow down until you've reached a rock solid foundation for wisdom and being able to masterfully, powerfully run your life!!!

Wisdom - Te Most Valuable "Possession" - Contents, Links - Read the sequence in this directory - and become wiser!