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Other than miracles and serendipity, hope, and wishful thinking, the only way to create having your greatest life.  (I wouldn't hope for these or spend time in wishful thinking and hope that something will happen unto you..)

Yes, part of the formula must be time and effort, but what else is a better use of my time as it makes life better and easier, feeling better and accumulating happiness.  

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The only road

Determine what is of value and your "whys" (Initial, revisit to refine as learn)
The One Decision That Determines All Of Your Life (Happiness is the purpose, life improvement is the means)
Adequate committed time for life improvement (7+ hrs/week)
    How to free up the time (and still have plenty of time for the rest of life!)
Immediate improvements - Esp. freeing up time.  Other quick return items.  Install these right away! 
Building structure (habits, practices, routines, procedures, checklists, plan,time use structure, standards, rules, credo, )
Learning, straightest line is the shortest (quickest to results)
   How the mechanics of life work
        Establishing truth and reality
            The essential "no fault, no criticism" paradigm in life
   How to work the mechanics of life to get what you want
        Principles, laws
Forming a full, clear philosophy of life

Attack the specific problems, go deeper
   Specific items are often from a myriad of causes and influences, thusly we needed to do the basics above
        Confidence is not an "affirmation away", but from building skill, experiencing
           effectiveness, being more certain, not setting self up for failure or unrealistic

The Success Class - Outline

The Behaviors And Habits Of Successful People - Do What Successful People Do...

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