Holding onto the moldy peanuts, the extra luxuries, trading them for your life. 

What I must give up, the price to be paid.   What I get of value.

How can I make it safe enough? 

Some people want to get off the treadmill so badly that they fail to see what they are stepping into.  They try to go into business for themselves to achieve "freedom" and "true choice over their time", failing to see that it could take even more time, especially if one is unskilled in productivity management.  And many fail because they do not have the requisite skills to do what is required for good performance in business.  Or the lack of advice.

Many don't even read the required books!  Or interview people ahead of time to see what the work is actually like and/or what it requires and how much can or cannot be made.  (At one point, I wanted to just be a tennis instructor!  Geez!  At another time, I thought I wanted to be a psychologist.  Double geez!)

Measure twice, cut once (be sure, or at least very much on the safe side, regardless of people calling you wimpy, lacking courage, indecisive, etc. 

Realize why you are on the treadmill - fear, approval, self esteem surrogate - go directly for curing those or getting what you want not through a false means... men, virility, what will I do (as if they lose their ability to think...)


Site after site, book after book, seminar after seminar - Leading you into The Dream, the life of dreams, a future nirvana of freedom and riches...

An undefined dream is a nightmare.  An undefined, unexamined path can be the road to hell.

Don't worry, jump in.  With the right passion and a strong enough why, you'll figure it out as you go. 

Be courageous!  Change your life! 

Choosing A Career Or Business

Some pieces to read:

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Resources to use!:

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$ to be made
Strengths, weaknesses
What must be learned
Will you really like it?
See the articles above on choosing a career or business.

Use The Carpenter's Rule 

"Measure twice, cut once."