(You craft something that works for you.)

I am totally committed to living my life at the fullest, with no compromise, taking care of myself along the way and making sure I am happy every day. 

I realize I have a potential far beyond what a limited number of life years allows me to harvest, so I harvest the highest yield.

I rest and mellow out as needed AND I exude boundless energy, enthusiasm, and glowing health. 

I am serene, confident, at peace with life and the future.  I am totally in charge of my life and I can rely on my steering it toward what is both right and most important - I always know that I have life handled.

I live with great zest, firing it up at every chance I get. 

I will live a long time, living a life of perfect health and wholesomeness. 

I am a self master. 

I experience great enjoyment, fun, and adventure in my life, being sure to fill in that part of my life.

I keep a calm, disciplined, and relaxed mind. I do not concern myself with what could happen and its consequences, and I just rely on myself to do the best I can at the time; I let go of this now and forever. 

I have and develop great character to achieve the life I want and to enhance my ability to have good relationships. 

I shall create living a truly magical existence.  I will create a superb life, with lots of successes yet one where I have peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction and mastery. 

I wake up with a passion for the day!

I seize and savor every day because it is a miracle!