Eat a balanced diet, get enough B vitamins.  Avoid all insulin spikes so that it can normalize the transfer of tryptophan (from which serotonin is produced) from the circulator system into the brain.  You can stop doing the depleters of overexercising, not eating enough (or regularly enough) or artificially restricting carbs!  Take B vits, calcium magnesium, and considering the supplements listed below (but always see a doctor to be sure that these are not adversely affecting something else).  

But with balance, we can create an ongoing condition of a good level of serotonin - and a stable life.

Be sure you understand how it gets generated, but also practice doing all of the generaters, commiting them to memory so that you live by them - as they are central to all of life!!!


Attempting to alleviate the problem inappropriately always leads to some sort of problem and can even cause huge long term problems and affect one's longevity. 

There is a huge cost is in not having a balanced or good mood.   You experience life as not so good and your productivity plumments, causing more "feel bad" feelings.    

And then things are worsened, as part of the downhill spiral, by its affect on insomnia, deficit disorder in children

Its symptoms can cause one to be misdiagnosed (or at least confuse things) with regard to one's thyroid.


If we binge on carbohydrates or use stimulants, insulin levels rise causing a rapid release of serotonin from the "storage depot" (which is pretty small and needs to be replenished fairly often).  We get an excessive (and temporary) rush, which quickly depletes into a worsening of the problem (since the body always attempts to correct the excess state, and often overcorrects it past the balance position).  In the latter case, then, we "must" solve the shortage problem, desperately, as the body says "hey, we need some and we're way out of balance and I must have balance."  And then you're sitting down there with your willpower being no match for it or you're completely mindlessly going for the next "hit" - usually from "comfort foods" and/or stimulants (coffee, wine, cigarettes...). 

You must intake the materials to build serotonin (and any hormone).  If you are on a low fat diet, you are restricting the absolutely essential building block of fat.  Plus, you've got to have sufficient protein.


While stress hormones cause the release of serotonin, one must understand at least two key factors here.  The body only evolved to handle the levels (and frequency) of stress experienced in the Caveman days.  Consequently, the normal supply of the stress hormones is rather limited, which means that they are soon depleted and no longer available to temporarily stimulate serotonin.  In other words, it isn't reliable.

The second factor is that the excessive stress causes a huge, huge, huge toll on our bodies and minds:  The Effects Of Stress:  It Ain't Worth It!  It Is A Cost You Don't Want To Pay!.


These will have to be increased, but then readjusted downward to normal levels as balance is "felt".  These supplements are consistent across the experts in the field. 

B vitamin supplement
Essential Fatty Acid supplements, 1000 mg 2x/day
L-trytophan (250-500mg, 3x day) - Precursor to serotonin
   or 25-50 mg 5 HTP
250-500 mg magnesium with 1000 mg calcium before bedtime.
St. John's wort in morning, then work up to three times a day if needed (250 mg each time)

All of these elements are used up when people take stimulants!  (Please don't do one of the worst depleters of all - high energy drinks - bad effects and massively toxic to your system.)

Remember that it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before making any changes that could affect your health!


I "kinda" knew a few of the facts, but I didn't put it all together.

You can have "low serotonin states", which are often called depression (since they do fit into the symptoms list). 

The SSRI drugs are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.  With a limited supply of serotonin, the supply will get depleted relatively quickly when it is "reuptaked" in the normal process of hormones and hormone receptors.  But we need it to hang around longer so the brain can feel good, so we keep it available to the brain by preventing its reabsorption (reuptake), which takes it out of the available supply in the blood stream.

If, however, you have really wiped out your supply, there is little to prevent from being reuptaken - so you will notice little, if any, effect from the ssri.

The problem of course is that by prescribing a pill, which may be appropriate for short term management, we will not solve the original cause of the problem.  Only rebalancing of the body will cause that to happen.   (See Solve The Cause, Not Just The Symptoms!)    


Green tea (antioxidants, amino acids)
Almonds (magnesium, selenium)
Salmon (omega 3), other fish
Dark chocolate (1-1.5 oz.)
Banana (tryptophan, tyrosine)
Avocados (healthy fats, tryptophan)
Blueberries (antioxidants)
Asparagus (tryptophan)

Serotonin is the core "feel good" chemical.  You cannot feel good if its levels are not high enough for it to "inhibit" certain disruptive feelings..  And if you don't feel good, you will be constantly ins "distress" to "correct" that "out of homeostasis" condition.  You will not be able to focus, because of all the interference and emotionalo noise.

Are positive statements ineffective?

Most of us have "tried" positive statements and affirmations, but then dropped it, perhaps just getting out of the habit.

Despite the fact that you believe the positive statements are only effective for the moment, they actually have a long term effect. 

They actually "train" the mind and mechanically through repetition by itself change the neuronal pathways such that they will eventually begin to happen automatically - like an automatic dispensing machine of "feeling good:!

AND if you actually go through your beliefs and establish (and declare) what is untrue and then what is actually true, your thought screening in the prefrontal cortex will automatically screen out more of the negative nonsense that you are currently allowing in, and often believing.   

See Rewiring The Brain - Very Practical And Very Doable!.

As far as being worthy of its own page, serotonin more than fits the bill, as one of the primary affectors of one's life!!!!

Interestingly, while serotonin generates happy thoughts, happy thoughts will generate serotonin (and then you've got a good cycle going!).

We eat to try to make up for it.  When we are out of balance, we seek to stimulate it, getting further out of balance, even depressed.  Without "smooth" production and supply of it, we seek stimulants and then we wipe out our supplies, bouncing along the bottom, being "down" except for the damaging short bursts we get from toxins and stimulants.  

Not a pretty picture if we let it get out of balance.  When you've got a serotonin deficiency you become the victim of high cravings, entering into the vicious downward cycle that causes other addictions, with all of them feeding on each other.  The addiction is to serotonin itself not the thing that gives us a hit, per se.  Any old stimulant or addiction will do - "I just need my hit of serotonin." 

Shortly the supply gets used - and the stimulant works less or even not at all.  You're depressed and off to the downhill races.  Per Dr. Diana Schwarzbein "...all stimulants eventually become depressants."

You can continue the downward spiral into hell, or you can gradually re-build and re-balance - and you don't have to be a genius or super-willpower person to do it. 


Say positive statements

Light, especially sunlight, even more on skin

Exercise - Good for a boost any time, in any amount

Meditation (2 min. or above) Incl. compassion, harmony, healing presence, unconditional love

See the supplements list later in the article
  B vitamins
  Calcium magnesisum
  Vitamin D
  Plenty of Omega 3 oil in diet

See the list of primary foods to eat

Complete sleep (& serotonin helps sleep)

Take good care of the frontal lobes


Feeling good about self, life, things to be grateful for (this is a circular spiral)


Stress (dis)

Saying/thinking negative thoughts

Being overweight (or too underweight, also)

Being tired

Sugar highs and spikes (homeostasis problem  
  but also inhibits normal tryptophan transfer!)

Low fat diet

Poor nutrition diet, junk foods! (eat zero!)

Bad brain hygiene - Bad good care of the frontal lobes

Discord, including jarring or disharmonious music

Depressing or negative news or other inputs


This level likely does not apply to you, but note that it is the other end of a scale (a matter of degrees rather than an absolute, you either have it or you don't.). 


Suffer from depression and experience a loss of pleasure. 


Inability to focus
Willpower plummets
Constant looking for stimulation from distracters
Having carb cravings and problems with binge eating
Feeling low mood from a lack of sunlight
Having problems with digestion
Feeling easily overwhelmed
Feeling a dependency on other people
Having an excess of vigilance (causes anxiety)
Suffering from insomnia
Having a lack of joy
Having migraines
Having a lower self-esteem
Having ringing of the ears
Having poor cognition
Having a significant sensitivity to pain
Being angry all the time
Having constipation


When levels are normalized you are at you most energetic and productive, and

Have a sense of well-being and contentment
Your focus is kept sharp
Your concentration is energized

If you have any problem with these, your normal haphazard, unsmart, only- temporarily-effect efforts are no way to address them.  You've got to use a balanced approach or you'll exacerbate the long term problem - and be in deficit even more often.  Not a pretty picture!!!

If levels of serotonin rise or fall rapidly, you'll experienc anxiety, even rage(!), agitation, inability to fous and concentrate, and abrupt sleep distubances.  It is essential that you follow the practice of immediately corrected any "out of balance" (non-homeostatic) condition.  At a steady low, you'll feel depressed, apathetic, lethargic, have decreased memory, lose interest in life and suffer from chronic insomnia - and maybe even chronic body pain and/or headaches and bowel symptoms. 

And being low in it plummets your willpower and productivity so that you feel even worse.