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Dump all unhealthy foods out of the kitchen taking 1/2 hour.   All sugar, refined foods, junk foods, anything with hydrogenated fats, etc.  No bread, no starchy vegetables.

Only have healthy foods in the house, per this list.  If anything bad is left, to "eat sparingly", it will disappear into your stomach soon. 

Take these supplements:  (Try Swanson Vitamins for good price and quality.)

     Omega 3 - Consider 3/day 1000 mg
     Multi-vitaminin (yes, most of it may go right through you, but an essential element
           that might be missing might benefit you)
     Vitamin D-3 (1 to 2 1000 mg, up to 5,000) (check with your doctor first)


Get pre-cooked pieces or sliced without nitrites and any bad ingredients:  turkey,
   chicken, other
No more than once a week, eat red meat (preferably grass-fed).
Get canned (non-farmed) salmon and tuna - eat salmon at least once a week.
Get frozen vegetables, heating up, after shaking a bit of garlic salt or general spice, a
  bowlful (quart) every day for munching on and finishing.
Grab two handfuls of baby spinach and cram them into your mouth (or put into a dish,
  say, with tuna on it)
Boil a bunch of eggs to eat for snacks.
Cut up one apple a day. 
Put your day's supply of water out in the morning, so that you can tell when you've
  drunk enough water
Only drink decaf coffee, perhaps with heavy cream with no sugar, only using Stevia for
  a sweetener.
Raw almonds, nut butters (preferably skipping peanuts)
Coconut oil, olive oil - Consider minimizing oils
Cheese, with no added ingredients (except salt enzymes) - Limit

That's the basics for enough nutrition. 

Of course, you might be inclined to spiff it up a bit... 

None of these

No grains (rice, wheat, oats) (See Grain Brain, Dr. David Perlmutter, M.D.)
  Or whole oats/grains, non-gluten, non-refined, eaten only in a bowl (no bread!)
No sugar or refined, processed foods.
Generally not needed, but marginally ok if no added sugars or bad ingredients:  beans
Fruit juices (overload, spike sugar, cause fat storage)

Never go hungry

Even if on a diet, you can eat until you are not hungry (but don't keep on going after that!)

Of course, this will not be the case if you do the intermittent fasting or any fasting routine.

Easy meals

Pre-prepared meals:  Costco chicken salad mix, other salad mixes

Drink a meal (possibly add one or two other things)
    Premiere Protein (Costco) - Nonsugary
    Do your own smoothie

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