I have become a nutty "breathairian".


If I "watch my weight" and/or "watch my diet", I typically will not lose any weight and may gain a little.

Part of what ruins it all is my jumpiness or need for stimulation in the evening that has me addressing it with eating some popcorn (low fat) or some other not so bad "snack" (and occasionally an energy bar with 170 calories - yikes!).  They all add up.

It doesn't work for me trying to eat the right portions "by judgment" - as I have poor judgment, it seems.   The principle of having pre-preportioned, defined portions to eat definitely works well for weight loss. 

Nutrisystem's diet always works.  And the portions seem to be very, very tiny (like 130 calorie bean can).   It's doable, and I'll keep it for a back up plan if needed.

When my medical plan questionnaire came up with the conclusion of a 22% chance of a cardiac event in the next ten years (age is probably a big part of the predictor), it underlined the necessity for me to do all I can to lower those odds! 


So, the solution for me is as follows.  It is important to note that on this way of eating, I note only train myself but I also never feel really hungry - and I feel satisfied that I am getting enough treats and fun stuff (all without being an unlimited glutton eating away watching TV, mindlessly...).

Now I eat until I am just barely satisfied - and I find that works!  Say, two meals a day is about what I have, unless a guest at someone's house for the day.  But I only eat until I am barely (actually) satisfied, without storing extra into the bin to prevent starving later or for "later energy" (which is a myth!). 

The other stuff I eat in as small a dose as possible, letting myself choose another dose if I really feel like it. 

However, I know I can't do well without sufficient nutrients!  (Duh!)  If I rob from my  muscles or throw my self into a ketonic state, I won't do as well as when I am balanced.

If I "feel" some impulse that could indicate discomfort in any way, I first breathe deeply "into my stomach" (metaphorically) a few times, kinda sighing as I exhale. 
Breathing causes me to feel comfortable so I often won't eat something.

If I still feel like eating something, then it is a limited amount (4 almonds).


Morning eat a banana with a cup of my beloved coffee (with unwhipped whipping cream and Stevia), now cut to just one big (2 cup) cup rather than 2.  Plus water, of course.

Snacks and treats

A few 4-nut snacks as "felt-needed". (Protein and healthy fats are satisfying.)
   Or, alternative, per inclination - 1/6 cut piece of Detour bar
   Either is about 30 calories (see detail down further on this page)
   Oh, and two slices of an apple
   A bigger snack: hard boiled egg.  If pretty hungry, then two.

Occassionally, if I feel hungrier, a 1/4 inch of plain uncooked oats with almond milk and frozen blueberries.

Treats - Using the principle that the first 20% of what you might eat otherwise produces 80% of the benefits, my special treats are:

     5 frozen red grapes (delicious), the 1/6 of the Detour bar, the frozen blueberries
         with or without oats. a banana in the morning.
     A supersized coffee cup in the a.m. with whipping cream (unwhipped) enough to 
         cut the acidity taste, and Stevia, to taste.  I keep a glass of water next to it, so
         that I sip that when I feel like drinking liquid and then sip the coffee for the
         taste - it lasts a long time.

Occasional extra snack item:  Cook a bunch of frozen veggies, add some garlic salt and use as a finger food for snacks - just as satisfying as anything.


A meal - Card deck sized meat or fish, plus lots of veggies (all from frozen, so instantly available, mixed, just add a little garlic salt and it's tasty)

   Once a day, sometimes early afternoon, sometimes for dinner

Smoothie "meal" - 1 apple, lots of frozen veggies, a powdered vitamin mix, water, a few frozen blueberries

    I forget fairly frequently, but I do it a few days a week.   


Set up 64 oz. of water in container ahead of the day, so I know when I am finished or not. 

A vitamin supplement could be good.

I eat this all rather slowly, so I can savor it and draw it out, as it, of course, "feels good" to the body.

30 minutes on a tread mill, plus quick weights, 4-5 times/week

Make sure I get a full night's sleep, so I won't have the eating problem that occurs when a body is out of balance.


However, I can use my "nutty" little diet throughout my life, so that I will not tend to gain weight.  I don't really feel hungry at all during it, and it's easy to do!


Results:  10 lbs 1st 3.5 weeks.
             15 lbs about the 6-7th week.

Observations:  Easiest diet to stay on (for me).  I never felt hungry.
                      I like the rapidity of results!
                      I like still being able to munch a bit in the evening - in 30 calorie chunks
                      Feel good after eating nuts
                      Detour bar chunks are great treats

Advantage:  Don't have to keep track of anything, except weighing twice a week.


Almond nuts are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals and packed with numerous health promoting phyto-chemicals; the kind of well-balanced food ensuring protection against diseases and cancers. rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids like oleic and palmitoleic acids that help to lower LDL or "bad cholesterol" and increase HDL or "good cholesterol."

1 almond, 7 calories, .61 g fat, .24 g carb, .26 g protein (so four are 28 calories) (I estimate I eat up to 6 -8 snacks per day.)

One Detour low glycemic bar = 170 calories, cut into six pieces (kept in a small sandwich bag), 29 cal each.  (I estimate I'll eat anywhere from 4/day, maybe 5.)   Detour bars have less glycemic effect, so blood sugar balance is kept.  (I buy them at Costco.)

Veggies, with only some spice or salt, are nothing to worry about or even keep track of.

A card deck size of meat or fish is plenty, plus not too much in calories. (I sometimes stop short of eating the whole thing, as I already feel satisfied.)

Oats - about 3/8 cup

Occasionally, I do one hard boiled egg - pretty darned satisfying.

I do sip to lightly taste white wine, from my significant other's glass, when we eat together.  Otherwise, I find no satisfaction at all in drinking (alcohol is a toxin, otherwise known as a poison - see Alcohol discussion.). 

Sugar, refined carbs, fruit juice are toxic to your current energy state and to your body over the long term, causing you to live fewer years, with lower quality, to age more quickly and to just not feel as good in life and emotionally.  Dropping those actually increases one's strength, willpower, and emotional stability!  See Sugar And Blood Sugar Stability - Without Stabiity And Moderation, Functioning Can Be Difficult.

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This works to lose weight without hunger, but it also retrains.  Commit to it until you reach your healthy weight - and then go back on it everytime you go a 1 lb over the limit you set.

Don't stop and say "well, I tried:

"There is no try."