Driving your life while impaired will inevitably reap danger and undesirable consequences.

Stop that!  Now!!

"But", you ask, "how do I know when I am impaired?"  "And, you've gotta convince me, so that I know the consequences sufficiently enough that I stop "Driving While Impaired." 

Given the fact that studies have proven that driving when one is sleep impaired causes one to function at the level of a legally drunk driver. 

But they fail to see the impairment in life.  They do not even know it, though some guess it by just noting that they feel tired and remembering that they do dumb things when tired.  

A famous basketball coach once said "We all cowards when we are tired."

Well, guess what! 

Tired means "depleted of energy" (which is a necessary ingredient of power).  (You should understand The Power Formulas, if you want to have power in life!)


While we attribute our self control and willpower problems to lack of character (and then deride ourselves for that, further exacerbating the problem!!!), the problem is really about strategy and what works within the reality of the mind/body.  (Read, at least, this summary piece:  Your (Bio)Mechanical Brain/Body - Summary - See It For What It Is, Create It How You Want It To be.) 


Use this strategy:

The "HALT" Strategy And The Willpower Reserve - Never Move Forward When Impaired And Stupid - Note that it is virtually never enough to "count to ten", though that is "in the right direction".


AFTER you've read, understood and implemented (or tickled to implement), then you should follow up on removing the rest of the impairments.   In using the HALT strategy, we are dealing with, mostly, the moment and a strategy to handle it.

But, then, there are a few much greater impairments which are "long term" and affect each of our moments, over and over and over - unless we deal with them.

Most of these involved impairment of our brain operation when fear shuts it down.  Much of it involves doing things the hard way, for no valid reason.  In both of these, it is impaired learning that has us operating off of vague nonsense that we have never looked at in enough detail and with enough thinking nor learned and developed the correct understanding in the first place.  We just go on in life being too busy to fix our limp in life.  It's like being too busy to remove a pebble from our shoe and then keeping on keeping on in our limping, adjusting our lives to the pebble instead of just stopping and removing it. 

Some of this is unsmartly "battling with Lennie".  Lennie is our primitive mind (though he was a mentally retarded brother in Of Mice And Men).  It is best not to battle him, as he is stronger than you, but that means that you need to learn what he wants and needs and use that to persuade, guide, manipulate, and train him to do most of your biddings.  Few people take the time to do it, so they waste a vastly greater amount of time battling Lennie and then suffering the consequences!!

Does that make any sense??? 

And then most people don't invest any of their time in figuring out how to make life easier and how to make it better and much, much happier.  Instead, we spend huge amounts of time seeking "relief" from the anxieties, fears, problems and stresses that we needlessly inflict on ourselves!!!

Does that make sense???

Why do we do that, why do we allow so many pebbles to stay in our shoes??? 

Your (Bio)Mechanical Brain/Body - Summary - See It For What It Is, Create It How You Want It To be - A necessary, vital, essential bit of knowledge and understanding.  Without it, you cannot live the greatest life!

What to do when impaired

The "HALT" Strategy And The Willpower Reserve - Never Move Forward When Impaired And Stupid