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VALUABLE SUMMARIES (from his site):

The Simple Mechanics of Getting What You Want (Part 1 of 2)

The Simple Mechanics of Getting What You Want (Part II)


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Synopsis:  Streamlining Your Business And Life Via A Simple Mindset "Tweak".



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The business use is obvious, at least fairly early on in reading his synopsis (linked above).  

However, this is equally, though perhaps not as obviously, useful in life itself.

We "see our worlds as a complex, confused, random mass of sights, sounds, and events.  And because of this misperception of reality,' we overly stress ourselves in our lives, "killing fires [repeated problems] and performing recurring tasks..."  

Life becomes a struggle.  But it need not be.  We can develop personal "systems" to make life one heckuva lot easier.  

Typically, an individual "doesn't see the mechanisms that are producting the bad results" in life and thusly if he "is blind to the machinery" he "won't be able to adjust that machinery so that it stops creating the bad results."  (!!!!)   This is "the foundational reason for" personal "mediocrity  and failure."  

"The Work the System methodology goes “one layer deeper,” requiring a simple yet profound change in mindset – an “outside and slightly elevated” vantage point – a view that clearly sees how the separate systems of the world actually operate. 

The “systems mindset” is simple, logical, and self-evident as it leads to incredible efficiency at work and in personal life. The added bonus is a relaxed, confident state of mind due to the newfound control over events and outcomes. 

Life is under control. 

The WTS methodology is not hocus-pocus, mystical or esoteric. It’s about simple, believable real-world mechanics

There is no need for a list of tips or for motivational-gimmicks although my book, Work the System offers a thorough compendium of guidelines for when the “get-it” insight occurs."

"It’s a personal evolution that will benefit everyone in the picture. Once the vision is acquired – the moment-to-moment ability to perceive the myriad of separate systems in one’s world – new, correct actions will naturally be taken and things will fall into place as confusion diminishes." 

"The heart of the mindset: Our individual lives are NOT inherently chaotic and at the mercy of random or hostile outside influences."

"Your life is a collection of individual linear systems, the vast majority of which operate with increditble efficiency, and each of which ultimately produces some kind of result. 

Every result and situation in our lives is the end-product of an underlying system and most systems work just fine! In fact, systems WANT to work as they are designed. Consider the complexities of a tree, cat, car, house, or human body. All of these “primary systems” are in existence due to a myriad of sub-systems that work together to form that particular entity. For example, the human body is an incredibly complex arrangement of billions of cells while trillions of electrical signals execute each second. Subsystems include neuromuscular, structural; cardiovascular, etc. It all works near-flawlessly as subsystems interact, adjust, and maintain themselves. Incredible perfection surrounds us! 

Can you start to see it?"

"The whole world operates in this way! So, inductive reasoning points to the following conclusion: Despite our tendency to focus on the relatively few imperfections in our lives, the world as a whole is 99.9% flawless in its operation…and this means there isn’t that much to adjust in order to get what we want out of life.

'Getting' this new vision means a much more efficient life, a life more in tune with how the world actually mechanically operates.

If we thoroughly understand how a machine works, we’re better able to fix that machine and then take it to optimum functionality. It’s that simple, and it’s exactly what I did with every facet of my own life. And in my business? It’s made up of people who see things in the same simple way. They 'get it!"


We look at the results we want in our lives and decide which results we want to change. Then we look at the process that we engaged in to get the undesired and we ask what process would produce the desired result - and we write down all the steps it takes to get there.  (In life, there are many examples of how people "get there", so we can often copy what they did and/or modify it a bit to fit us.  Or we can jump off of others' thinking, such as is provided on this site.


Either as people see you do this or by reading this book and using the process, others around you will engage in the systems approach to life - and things will get better for them but also vastly better for yourself, as you are affected by outside systems.  

"Once things begin to fall into place, and it won’t take long, you and your" family/associates will find life better than ever, in an "environment that will become serene."   "And there will be a powerful sense of pride throughout". "There will be no going back to the way things were because everything is working so smoothly…."


“Here’s a more general observation: In the past thirty years the lure of instant gratification has gripped a huge chunk of our population. For the hooked-up masses—those who are seriously addicted to smart-phones, Twitter, Facebook and the immediacy/pervasiveness of the entertainment industry—it’s a stretch to go backward to consider the root of things. The gratification of the moment is a distraction from thoughtful contemplation of the reasons why events happen as they do. Today, unlike twenty years ago, a good “now” is available by just turning off and plugging in. For too many of us, slowing down to examine things is not entertaining, and that’s too bad because it is mandatory that we take the time to understand the machinery of our lives if we are to modify that machinery to produce the results we desire.”

“Life is serious business and whether you know it or not—or whether you like it or not—your personal systems are the threads of the fabric of your life. Together, your personal systems add up to you. And if you are like most people, you negotiate your days without seeing your systems as the singular entities they are, some working well and some not so well.”

“The focus must be on the proactive management of [your human] systems, not in coping with random bad results due to unseen and therefore unmanaged systems.”

“Blue-blood, old-school psychologists who see endless dour complexity in the human condition will sniff at the simplicity of the Work the System message. Things are more complicated than that, they’ll say. I thank them in advance for their oblique compliment. This is an elementary, dispassionate, drop-the-load dispatch that describes lives as they really are: cause-and-effect mechanisms that can be logical, predictable, and satisfying. No PhD necessary.”

“Without prodding, nor willing it to happen, I stepped outside my life, rose above it and looked down, never again to settle back into the morass that had been my existence. There was nothing philosophical about this new vantage point. It was mechanical and logical. I saw that the solution to my business problems did not lie in becoming more proficient at whacking moles—the solution was to find a way to eliminate the moles altogether.”


What he writes is, to me, beautiful, for it helps us see the way things work in life AND that we can effectively change our lives to have what we want in life - thru some simple basics that are entirely doable by anyone!  (I enjoy the passion and delight he expresses about all of this and the results it gets.)

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Work The System, Work The Plan!  And Your Life Will Work, Guaranteed!  


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Watch the little ones in sequence, as if it is a class.

Summary Of Work The System (1:57) 

Full Interview (43:01)

The Three Elements Of The Systems Mindset (1:43) 
You Have To Do The Work (2:26)

Immerse Yourself (4:09)

Control: I Want You To Get It (3:33)

Prime Time And Your Machine (3:09)

Dysfunction Is Gold (2:27)

Thinking, Fast And Slow (3:15) 

Getting Congruency Between What You Believe And What Is... (2:16)

Three Moment To Moment General Operating Principles (2:01) 

Reliability (2:04)

Clustering: Guilt Free And With A Calm Mind (2:08)

Win-Win Or No Deal (2:56)

Mitt Romney And Warren Buffett Unveiled (1:25)

Not tolerating what doesn't work for you: Drug Testing Yet Again (1:58) - Pick and choose who you associate with. 

For more, visit his YouTube Channel, here.
See his 93 videos series. It's rich for personal wisdom - and sometimes you need to convert it from a business context to see how it actually applies to life overall!!!
From the super-consultant (Deming)

W. Edward Deming, the super-consultant, observed that 94% of all breakdowns were related not to the people but the process.  So the solution is to perfect the process!
Fix that and you'll be surprised at how greatly things change.