Excellent site/blog.  Great example of what a person can do if he/she reflects and learns with intention and is committed to personal excellence. (Not affiliated.)

All e-books in pdf format, and they link to citations in the site.  (Ignore the bracketed items as that is my reminder of where I've put these ebooks, which are also on my ipad.)

Easily doable, simple forms, a set schedule so you know what to do everyday, check off form as complete things.

She recommends 1 1/2 hours a day to complete each daily assignment.

EBooks, with workbooks:  See boxes, below, to get more of an idea of what is included.

Live A Better Life In 30 Days - Life Transformation Program - With separate Workbook 
Be A Better Me In 30 Days - Character Transformation Program With Workbook  [lifemgmt/booksum/chua]

Article Compilation Ebooks:  Volume 1 and 2 are out, using the classifications around her site groupings of articles (click on the table of contents in each book to link to and read the selected article).  Articles on site, organized by main categories:  Articles.

Each day has a reflections section.  Use large guidebook (242 ebook pages) for reading, strategies, etc. - it has some "pre-work" on Day 0.

My 30DLBL Overview Sheet (as complete tasks)
Vision, action plan for the month
My 30-Day Action Plan (calendar format)
Prepare For Action (key actions to stick to plan, tasks to work on right away)
1 -My Life Wheel (rate, reflect, etc.
2 - My Ideal Life
3 - My Life Map (chart by life area, 1,3, 5 year goals)
4 - My Vision Board
5 - My Action Plan (Select goal of choice, complete plan, with milestones, action steps, obstacles)
6 - My Day Of Action (Day's action plan, reflect, review, etc.)
7 - Review (What do I want to review today?)
8 - My 20/80 List (Categorize which tasks are in the 20 or 80)
9 - My Routines (Assessment score, my empowering routines
10 - My Frustration (Focusing on one..problem resolution)
11 - My Decluttering Day
12 - My Inspiration Room (Plan, inspiring, best for self
13 - My Life Reflections (Assessment, milestones most proud of, lessons, new milestones to create)
14 - Gratitude (My gratitude to...
15 - My Values (Brainstorm, core values, values assessment
16 - My Life Purpose (Draws it out, clarifies)
17 - My Life Handbook (What I want in it)
18 - Evaluate My Relationships (Support, how feel)
19 - My Success Network Of 5
20 - Connect With My Friends (Call, reach out)
21 - My Meditation
22 - Advice From My Future Self (Describe, advice from, next steps)
23 - My Habit Cultivation Plan (Fix a bad one, new habit plan)
24 - Expanding My Comfort Zone (Breakouts)
25 - Up Skill Levels (Skills, current level, to reach next level)
26 - My Day Off
27 - My Bucket List (List, action plan)
28 - Letting Go (Future self, let go old self, steps)
29 - My Letter To My Future Self (6 months from now, tickled for review)
30 - My Plan Ahead (What learned, reassess life wheel, future action plan)

Each day has a reflections section.  Use large guidebook (217 ebook pages) for reading, strategies, etc. - it has some "pre-work" on Day 0.

My 30DLBL Overview Sheet (as complete tasks)
Day 0: My Best 30 Days Ahead (Vision for the month, action plan)
My 30-Day Action Plan (calendar format, prepare for action)
1 - My Self-Assessment (Score, undesired traits
2 - Explore Undesired Trait #1 (Examples where display, digging into, why, action plan to address
3 - Explore Undesired Trait #2
4 - Explore Undesired Train #3
5 - My Ideal Self  (Traits, 5 ideal traits
6 - My Character Board
7 - My 1st Ideal Trait (Action plan)
8 - My 2nd Ideal Trait
9 - My 3rd Ideal Trait
10 - My 4th Ideal Trait
11 - My 5th Ideal Trait
12 - My Role Model (People inspire me, my role model is
13 - My Day Of Emotional Generosity
14 - My Acts Of Kindness (Persons to be kind to, acts)
15 - My Appreciation (Letter of appreciation
16 - Appreciating Myself (What I love about myself, letter of appreciation
17 - Feedback From Others (Who, what they said, process the feedback)
18 - Reflect On A Criticism (Select, emotions, analysis, lessons
19 - Advice From Others (About goal, what they said, apply the advice
20 - My Roles (Roles, rating, most important)
21 - My Role Improvement Day (Review each role
22 - My Annoyance (Identify, mirror, address internal conflict
23 - My Shame/Vulnerability (Identify, understanding it, addressing it)
24 - My Past Wrong (Identify, right this wrong
25 - Forgive Myself (Identify incident, empty the grievances, reason, forgiving myself
26 - My Limiting Thoughts (Identify, why, when started)
27 - My Empowering Thoughts (Identify, create new, plan to apply)
28 - My Complaint-Free Day (Identify usual complaints, review of how day went, lessons)
29 - My Letter Of Commitment To Myself
30 - My Plan Ahead (Learned last 30 days, reassessment, plan for future)

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