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One of the true leaders of "transformative" thought and wisdom, to be studied and utilized in one's life. (Note that you will have similar wisdom in the "successor" to EST, Landmark Worldwide.

If you spend the time intensely studying this philosophy, after which you will not be able to resist implementing it in your life, your investment will pay off in huge dividends and a much greater life. 

Werner Erhard has a style of speaking that is unique.  And it requires a viewpoint, in my opinion, from which to listen, such that you are thinking and deciding what it means, but at a "generative" level where you are creating extra understanding for yourself through your own effort - and not settling for passive listening! 

See, below, what some true great leaders have said about Werner Erhard.


The story and some of the philosophy of Erhard are shown in an excellent movie: Transformation: The Life And Legacy Of Werner Erhard (1:16:49)

You'd Rather Be Right Than Happy (est/The Forum)  (5:31)

Werner Erhard - Creation And Distinction B (46:40) - About the domain where talking (and listening) actually makes a difference, called coaching.  Communication at a coaching level, not an explanatory level, but "generative"!  Especially on relationships.

Buckminster Fuller Werner Erhard Conversation (7:10:44) - You might want to do this in pieces!!!


For now, just enter "Werner Erhard" in YouTube.  Here is a major playlist on him: Werner Erhard Videos.

Werner Erhard - The Site - Some incredibly well done thinking of his and other great leaders who have aligned and/or participated with him in certain endeavors benefitting the world.

   This page on the site was interesting:  Inaccuracies In The Media About Werner Erhard And The EST Training - Criticism by some "conspiracy" and "cult fearers" (who failed to do "critical thinking" although they thought they were right - a tragic way of being that has not been life giving) was "inaccurate" or sometimes just...well... 


Warren Bennis, a huge thought leader and example of wisdom:  “Werner’s genius is his contribution of the technology that takes an abstraction and changes people’s lives.  I was impressed with the structure and foundation of est.  He created a technology that has unleashed the possibilities of being human - that’s a legacy.”

The Financial Times stated "Erhard’s influence extends far beyond the couple of million people who have done his courses: there is hardly a self-help book or a management training programme that does not borrow some of his principles."

“I am also thankful to Bob McKim for another important thread: he introduced me to the est workshops and to the est organization’s founder, Werner Erhard.  I learned a lot from Werner and his work.  For me it put an intellectual framework around all the fragments I had gotten from Esalen.  I also benefited from coleading several workshops with Werner and his associates.  Three years ago I participated in a leadership workshop colead by Werner, Michael Jensen, and Kari Granger.  It had been twenty-two years since I last worked with Werner.  This experience brought a renewed realization as to how deeply his style and content have influenced my teaching.  I am very thankful for his teachings and friendship.”~~~ Dr. Bernard Roth, Rodney H. Adams Professor in the School of Engineering

See The What People Say section for quotes from great thinkers and leaders.

EST: Erhard Seminar Training - A Major Historical Event And Cause Of Change - Read this for its contents, but also for more info on Erhard

EST successor

The technology of EST was transferred to its employees AND it has morphed into a different form, but with the same basic truths.  Though confronting "the truth", it is much gentler than the original EST.

See Landmark Worldwide.

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Conversations For Transformation - Essays By Laurence Platt, Inspired By The Ideas Of Werner Erhard...And More