Living without apology, with complete strength, authenticity, love without a "deal", purpose, calm, being a force of nature

Barry Neil Kaufman ("Bears")
Samahria Kaufman
Raun Kaufman

Happiness Is A Choice: Keys To Happiness (5:43)

Happiness & Personal Development: It's All About Beliefs (5:35)

Self Help And Being Your Own Expert (5:32) - Yes, you don't know everything "out there", but you are the expert "in here".

Powerful, Empowerment

Become A Force Of Nature
     Part 1 (9:40); Part II (10:00)
      Establish certainty
      Clarity Of Purpose
      Conviction (belief)
      Stand tall

Managing Change:  Calm Amid Chaos (5:19)

Learn To Say No (2:42)
Personal Empowerment: No More Apologizing For What You Want

Personal Empowerment & Happiness: Be An Empowered Person (5:36) - Knows what they want and that they can get it.

Inner Strength: Why Criticism Hurts (3:26)

Emotional Freedom: Victim No More (6:17)

Strategies For Breaking Your Patterns
    Part I (26:20);  Part II (34:56); Part III (26:07)
    Self-sabotage does not exist
    The Lie (complaining...)

Love, Relationships, Parenting

Love Is A Choice (5:27) - Who's choice is it?

How To Show More Love For Others (4:48)

Healthy Love: A Workable Definition (6:10)

Love: Myths And Misconceptions (4:55)

Relationships: Happy Negotiations For Couples, Parents Or Any Relationship (6:34)
  (Read Ury's book: Getting To Yes.)

Parenting: Is Your Child Running Your Life (4:25)

Secrets For A Loving & Easy Relationship
   Part 1 (33:09); Part 2 (32:47); Part 3 (25:21)

Stop Dating Impostors
   Part 1 (28:56); Part 2 (35:07)

How To Get The Relationship You Really Want (3:48)

Life's Purpose

Your Life's Purpose
    Part 1 (33:20); Part 2 (31:39)

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Includes the above, but also personal ones by participants:  The Option Institute videos