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I rediscovered Marshall Thurber 20 years after I had taken one of his "mind blowing" seminars, with ingenius thinking and great insights.

Marshall Thurber is a successful attorney, real estate developer, editor, businessman, educator, scholar, inventor, negotiator, author, visionary and public speaker.

A list of his former students includes such success stories as Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame, the founder and creator of Paul Mitchell hair products, Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Spencer Johnson, author of Who Moved My Cheese, Tony Robbins, Harv Eker, and Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad).

He is one of the Great Thinkers.   He refers alot to Deming, who was also one of the great thinkers and changers of the world.  Bucky Fuller is one of his inspirations also.

I'd recommend you review all of his materials to the point where you have a complete understanding and intended use of his thinking.

I'd also recommend that you take what he says, say about business, and convert the idea for something in your personal life, such as relationships.  It seems that "friend relationships" can line up similarly to the quality of customer relationships - and it might therefore be tremendously useful to stratify them and see where the true value (and potential) is. 

R. Buckminster Fuller called Marshall Thurber "an evolutionary event in our time."

For right now, I am placing some notes here for later organization:

The universe will not go your way, as you are a speck in it.  So don't expect that, and just enjoy the ride.

Know "immutable theories" - always works

If implement these in life, life will change for the positive

Leverage always works


Experience great teachers!

Test theories (beliefs) and if preditable outcome = good theory (these things work)

build life around universals theories and then the "universe supports you"


A bee goes for nectar - at 90 degrees it pollinates

It is not designed the way you think it is.

Human goes for $
    90 degrees:  "true purpose" tech progress, med progress
    other things start to work

set a goal

     here               where you're not

why are you designed - to be in motion (which works for living)

    set goal, get there or      - get the meaning of life (90 degrees)

"This isn't it.  Is it...?"  Just enjoy it.

bucky kept track of happy surprises and looked for the trends


What are the probabilites (go with them!!!!!!)
94% of all breakdowns are related not to the people but the process
    so perfect the process!
fix that and see , surprised at how greatly things change

Customers (equiv. "friends")

Stratify them.

Consider you as a commodity - Defect easily
repeat customer - not fully appreciat what you do
Loyal - like you , undersand and care for you, valued supplier
Missionary - you've got to use this services

First two, don't cultivate much
Cultivate the latter two, but mostly the missionary! 

pt 4:  Success

Lagniappe - shock, way beyone, new , innovative - washed and waved y Lexus - but turns into expected..., do beyond what experct - wow, look what they dif for me, the delight
Lyal - Suggested, expand the sale, rel, look we're dong as requested and this is something more...
Build trust - Requested - 1st chance to really shine - build
Expected - no credit but issue if not there - must have a good process so do it w min variation.

pt 5 price

1. alterntive source or supply - vs. unique - what is experience, fous on, yu're selling this unigue to that person. 

See you tube videos...
2.  fully informed buyer

Reading for speed and comprehension (10;57, youtube)

Energy coming in and going out.  if too much energy comes in - perturbing - can die or it all of a sudden jumps (relaxes) to a higher level.  whent stop pushing it through, it doesn't go back...   to read really fast had to consciously hour a day for 8 months, but if show somebody much faster:

buckminster fuller - you can't improve on the middle, so start in the middle 

title in middle, date  - what is a crucial conversation?

read down, run hand down page, not across
what is it about?  put down whatever you can remember about that chapter, don't worry if didn't get it all. 

tedx talk:  it's not experience, it's theory and process..

just stay in motion and watch what is going on in the corner of your eye

How to align with change, video:  structural change - no going back, only replaced byanother one - you have no vote, you have to embrace the change no matter how uncomfortable it is. 

Call Me Trimtab: Buckminster Fuller (2:32) - The rudder steers the whole ship...but...the trimtab gets rid of the resistance...where the power is....   what is the most powerful trimtab to work on... initial conditions just have to be changed, just a little bit...

What Information Do You Naturally Retain (3:06) primacy and recency (1st, last; middle only if had high emotional content)   Make your cycles in your presentation very short, something in middle with high emotion, 22 minutes is the best (Disneyland does 22 min.)  most in education might be 50 min.  ride in the direction your audience is going.  cycle time in learning has tobe short..

People with personal impacts on others (2:22) - Remember interested in you or they were interesting.  interested - positive impact, as they are interested in you often become interesting.  come from space of interested. 

what is life about? (5:45)  goal, motion, action, here to there... precession, no exceptionals, always works.
flower.   where you are "isn't it", so you set a goal and do action.  true purpose is 'down there' - this isn't it, is it (it keeps you in action and motion, so get what you want done!!!!!

if we all cooperate, we can incredible...

Dynamic Value (9:50) -  fully infomred buyer, alternative sources of supply, uniqueness and experience.  sell the experience...  predictable transformation, lose 50 lbs, pay anything for.  Increase his cost by 4x, pay for 1x and then if get results, get 4x... risk adversity if have high tranformation rate...

Pt 2, to get to a goal have to stay in motion...

Is That Two Bucks? - Speak Only Good (4:38)  Charge two bucks for each time: when blame others (ask who has the power); you can't learn when you justify, blame, indulge self in shame (beating self up), it's his fault, man am i stupid.    This will changes the whole culture.

Another biography

See also The Great Thinkers.


Search for his videos on YouTube.  

Marshall Thurber Video Collection

Tedx Talk:  Predicting The Unexpected (16:19)

Reading For Speed And Comprehension (10:57)

How To Align With Change (2:56)

Call Me Trimtab: Buckminster Fuller (2:32) - The rudder steers the whole ship...but...the trimtab gets rid of the resistance...where the power is....

Marshall Thurber's Secrets To Making Millions (1:03:00)

People With Personal Impact On Others (2:22)