Yes, I agree that just journaling by itself will increase one's awareness and improve one's life.  Many of the most successful people in history have done journaling.

But I also think that it is best to "fully harvest" the journaling process, to get even more benefits.

For instance, for those people who have not quite reached a level of mastery over their lives in all major areas, I recommend that , do The Life Improvement Journal, where one notices what is going on during the day, what to copy and what to stop, what to practice and schedule - using this as a true tool to rapidly mastering life!


One of the greatest "secrets" to a great life is "closing all the loops and leaving no loose ends".  In other words, if anything is started, but not completed, the results will not be as great (or may be non-existent).  

In effective journaling, you look at what has been written and decide what is important to deal with and follow up on - and you either do it right then or you schedule it at a particular time right in your calendar (reserve the time for this important action, so that lesser items do not displace it). 

Indeed, the champion in life not only seeks even more "feedback" and makes more observations about what is going on but he/she also acts on them immediately and completely.  This is how to live life "the easiest way":  Living Life As A Life Champion.


In My Daily Journal - Notes On Journaling And Making It Useful, it is suggested that you

1. Use the problem solving forms.
2. Use a list of questions and topics to know what more to write.
3. Expand this into sections of one of the "LifeBooks Notebooks".


So, what I wanted from this page was to have you see that you should "upgrade" to the most effective journaling that will serve you at a higher level.

Now, please, do invest the time to do this properly - and effectively.  It'll make a huge, huge difference in life - and it could be the most effective thing you do in your life!


I'd recommend that you thoroughly read the pieces and then decide which items you will do - starting with the main page, then reading the items in the sidebar.  Spend at least 5 hours setting up the systems, as the payoff over the next year will be immense - this is what you would do if your were being an effective person in life, as opposed to those who will do this superficially and probably stop short of anything that has much of a chance of working well.

The Overall Page

Go to this page and make a decision on what to do - don't stop until you've implemented this!

The Journals The Means To Greater Understanding And Well-Being - Covers the types of journals, why to journal, and the how to's.

For ideas

My Daily Journal - Notes On Journaling And Making It Useful - Summarizes the key ideas - and also links into a complete site with lots of great tools, ideas, and examples.

How do I get time for this?

How To Find The Time For Life Improvement - There's Lots Of Time And You'll Get More Spare Time! -As you free up the time and then use it for learning, deciding, and harvesting, you will find that you actually have more time for all else that is of value in life!