Read, will be added to, later.  coachable? truly willing?


He/she knows that everything learned has a cost, but also weighs it relative to the size of the benefits. 

He/she is ready to actually "do the work", not just the motions.  It is don in full study mode, with all the homework completed and learned in each topic and subtopic to the point of "sufficiency".  There is no more "stopping short' this time.

He/she puts things into writing to make them more clear and more definite in life.

He/she is willing to make a strong commitment in writing, instead of weaseling his/her way out of committing.


Life Coaching - How To Use Coaching To Create Significant Progress In Life - And The Greater Wisdom, More Quickly


Allthough he proclaims lots of commitment and that he'll try hard, the actuality is that he never quite completes making the commitments in writing and/or declaring them strongly to himself and others. 

You must enter these next two in the search engine (and then fill them in and sign them). 

My Commitment To Creating A Very Healthy Way Of Thinking. 

My Commitment To Creating And Having A Very Healthy, Powerful Way Of Living

Commitment Or No Commitment To Completing The Process To Create Guaranteed Happiness

This could be the man who is just oblivious to self improvement or against it. 

But in this case it is the one who is in the conversation "Always, I'll improve 'later', when I get the time." 

And the next day, he always gets up and, again, it's Groundhog Day - and he just can't understand why.  He doesn't realize he is Living The Life Of The Gradually Boiling Frog, always a Life Dilettante only.  He, although he is doing the coaching "talk" and eager to do the coaching, he never gets himself into Living Life As A Life Champion. He is stuck in the forever Fixed Mindset and the Busy Mindset.

Daniel, at this point, is that man, stuck in the muck of life, what he calls a "ruined life" but one that he chooses to continue by continuing to do the same things over and over but expecting that somehow things will work out...  (Isn't that the definition of insanity?) 

"Oh, I was just too busy this week.  I had to rescue this project.  That person didn't know enough and I was the only one who could do it well enough.  Sure, I know the project was unimportant and could have been dropped, but I started this organization/group/project years ago, so I couldn't let it go.  I had to do it.  They talked me into it.  This person has alot of influence so I couldn't not do what he asked."  And so on, ad infinitum.

Working hard at life and at being "busy", but getting nowhere whether on the treadmill or stuck in the game of "there is some value" to something (instead of sufficient value to be worth it!!!).  He is always putting too many activities into his life into too little time, thinking he can do it IF he just gets to be more efficient (which never comes of course as he doesn't have the time to get more efficient and/or he is expecting himself to live up to some false idea of what a human can do).

Always in fear (anxiety, guilt, etc.), but does nothing about it, other than talk about how much he wants to overcome it.