Will be added to, so simply "get" the idea for now - and decide which you will choose.

"I'm too busy to get better at being able to get more value out of life."  Or, "I'm too busy trying to achieve x that I don't have time to do what is most valuable in life." 

"Never confuse activity for results."

If you don't have time to get better, then your life will never get better.

"I'll just keep going, I'm making good time even if it is not toward where I want to go..." 
Hopefully one will go from being busy to instead choosing value and from frantically living fully living life.   


The value mindset isI shall live my greatest life by inserting what is most valuable into my life - and bump out that which is of lower value.  (Obvious wisdom, don't you think?)  Most people insert things into their lives based on what comes up, pushing out that which is of the most value.  That, of course, is backwards - and not wise!

The results of the value mindset:  A life full of value, peace of mind, strength, confidence, benefit other people more...


The busy mindset:  I must be busy to be worthwhile or I must be busy to gain my dreams (without gauging the value enough!) or I've got to keep up.  Just keep rushing to the sea, like a lemming.  (The lemming behavior is explained in Get Rid Of The Pressure And Stress Of Being A Business Leader Or Professional Or Human Being.)

The results:  Busy, overcommitted, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, never enough time to take care of oneself, burnout, unhappiness, poor self esteem...


The value mindset is the one where the greatest value is in investing in the capability to create more value and/or into something that creates value multiple times.  (See The Highest Value Activities In Life - Harvesting The Golden Eggs And Enabling The Golden Goose.)


I choose:

__ The Busy Mindset
__ The Value Mindset


The too busy person often needs drastic surgery otherwise he/she will try to be more efficient and do little to let go of low value activities.  He/she is on a very predictable path - one that will not end well!  And it'll be a version of ongoing Hell.

See The Very Predictable Path - And The Predictable Results In Life...Unless....

The person who is too busy not only schedules in too many activities but also spends alot of unproductive time fighting fires instead of prevenint them: A Life Of Fire Fighting And Whac-A-Mole - Not A Great Life!   

Other mindsets

The Fixed Mindset Versus The Growth Mindset - Defending or learning?  

The Life Wisdom Mindset - Choose to make the One Decision that will determine all of your life.

Activities to schedule

People with the value mindset would follow this strategy:  Quadrant II Activities To Schedule In Regularly.


Learn, get yourself out of this syndrome that leads only to Hell or related places!

CrazyBusy: Overstretched, Overbooked, And About To Snap!  Strategies For Handling Your Fast-Paced Life, Edward Hallowell, M.D.

Must reading also is:

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey - Where the "too busy" person can see he is not applying the principles!

And, for almost everyone:  First Things First, Stephen Covey - One of the biggest life impact books ever written.