Unsystematic and/or incomplete learning is the cause of one's not living the life one could live and obtaining the happiness that could be achieved.


I don't mean to insult you, but if you don't get good results in any area it is simply because you are not knowledgeable enough - which means you haven't completed the necessary learning.  (Duh!  Of course!)

Dilettante: a person whose interest in an art or in an area of knowledge is not very deep or serious; a person who takes up an art, activity, or subject merely for amusement, especially in a desultory or superficial way; dabbler; synonym: amateur

Example of use:  "You can always tell a true expert from a dilettante."

Well, confront this, please!   Are you a dilettante or the like?  Are you not sufficiently knowledgeable to get the right results in key areas of your life?  Where are you on the scale?

          |    |                |               |   |               |             |
Unknowledgeable   Insufficiently knowledgeable      Sufficiently        Expert
←      Poor results      →←Not so good results→←Good results→Great results

Note that where you put yourself on the knowledgeable scale should correspond exactly with the results that are showing up in your life.

I am asking you to acknowledge what the truth is.  There is no criticism (such as "you should know more" type of false thinking).  I just want you to know clearly that you need to do more completion IF you truly want to live the great life you can create!


Partial knowing as in "I already know that!!!" means that I person knows something but not enough to get the result. 

Well, isn't the purpose of knowledge to be able to get the result you want????

We don't seem to realize that we spend our lives making mistakes we don't need to make or missing things we don't need to miss or not getting the results we really want in life - we seem to be oblivious to the idea of "sufficient knowing" and in continually not getting the results we want and accepting that we are like The Gradually Boiling Frog in life.

We use improper methods of gathering information and learning.  It is truly unsystematic and definitely not a "straight line" to just read what strikes your fancy or to switch to one's changing interests or concerns.  It is best to "complete" a path to the point where one completes one's learning enough to get a better result. 

For instance, it is an indirect, but still positive and not sufficient, method to go around accumulating insights randomly or because of a current need to solve a problem.  Getting insights, while beneficial, can also just be palliative, where you get enough information to feel you are doing something positive so that you are not motivated or aware that you need to systematically, on purpose do more and better learning if you're really going to have that much better of a life, the life you want!  Extra, bonus insights are fine, but one will get 10-100 times more insights by intensive study and learning!!!

For instance, it is not a good idea for learning (though it may be for keeping current with an industry) to read magazines or to surf the internet for items of interest.  That is random and a very, very crooked line and an incomplete, wandering path.

Do you choose not to do your homework assigned to you by your coach, counselor, teacher, or consultant? 
   If not, why not? _________________________________________________
   Copy this into a word processor and fill in as many lines as needed.  Then you can analyze them and determine what is an excuse, reason why not, or a justification - or what is "fixed" thinking rather than open, progressive thinking. 



Imagine if as a child you only went to school one hour a day, would you expect to do well learning only 1/6 of what you needed to learn in math, reading, etc.? 

Imagine as an adult, that you quit learning or learned only by accident or even just a bit here and there, what percentage of what you need to know in life and/or in your career  would you have learned?  Do you think you can have a great life if you know such a small fraction of what it takes to have a great life?  (How do I know whether I do?  By the number of problems that persist that make one unhappy, by how unhappy you are, the degree to which.  By how well your life is working.  How do I know if I've learned a sufficient amount?  You'll know when you have arrived when a white light comes down from heaven and transports you to the highest level of heaven…or, actually, when your life is free of any big problems, is easy and flowing and you're fully in charge, able to produce great value in your life and the lives of others. 

Deciding Whether To Stay At The Level Of "Amateur" Or Dilettante Or "Partialism" Or "Insufficient Knowing" - You can tell if you are at that level if you have poor results in your life or persistent emotional and/or behavioral problems.  It is a sure, indisputable indicator, even if you say "I know alot about this" - because you don't know enough to get the right results - the ultimate test of knowledge!

Am I capable of learning and implementing what is needed to create a great life? - Can I have confidence in reaching that higher level? 

Do I Have Enough Time To Create A Great Life? 

Turning Your Life Around - A New Rapid Upcurve - Learning completely enough to create a great life!