Turning your life around is simply a matter of learning what you are missing.  It is not a mysterious, quantum leap process or one where you have to battle demons.  It is straightforward, and entirely doable.

necessary in doing "the build" of knowledge - if you're missing a piece then you cannot understand the next level that is built on top of that.  Remarkable results in correcting what was missing are obtained by doing "Mastery Learning", where you fill in what is missing.  [Although talking about math, what Salman Khan says in this video relates to learning life through going back to basic concepts: Salman Khan On Relearning (2:36).]

You could start by directly listing what you need to unlearn, meaning that which is related to your unsolved problems or barriers in terms of beliefs that are getting poor results for you.  An example might be something like "I am not good enough".  And you'd list what you think you need to learn more about in life to get what you want.

From the overall list, you would then relist in priority order of what is most important. 

Then you'd enter the terms in the search engine and click on what seems to be most relevant.  If there is a program for it, you might follow that one.  If there is a checklist for it, you might use that as a guide, perhaps using the links or search engine to learn more on a particular topic.  Or you could go to the related contents/links page and start reading the articles, probably mostly in the order that they are listed.

The key is for you to unlearn, relearn, and/or learn what is missing until you have mastered it this time!

Your path so far of being a dilettante is not your fault - but I am trying to educate you and convince you that it would be beneficial for you to change your path.  And you would definitely be benefited by gaining the perspective offered in Your Path Is Your Only Attainable Path Under The Circumstances - And There Is No Fault In You!   

Reboot Your Life, Robbins (10:20)

5 Steps To Take Control Of Your Life Now - Part I ; Part 2

Program For Learning Life From Tony Robbins - Immerse yourself in these free videos/audios, in this suggested order.

(See Robbins Resources Directory - Lots of free videos to watch.)


One of the most effective ways to learn is "immersion", immersing yourself 100% for a period of time in a massive learning and correcting process.

For instance, you could watch and take lots of notes on what Tony Robbins has to say, following the suggested order in Program For Learning Life From Tony Robbins.

Or you could write a complete description of yourself and what is going on with you and email to me requesting that I design an order of what to do for you, complete with links and references to use/read.


You can identify what needs to be rebuilt or filled in in your learning or you can follow an overall plan I've set up for learning life.  See the order of the "curriculum" in The Requirements For Obtaining The Happiest Life - Leave Any Of These Out, You'll Have Less Than You Could Have Had! 
If you are not where you want to be, then you simply have not learned the essential elements to get where you want to get. 

You have the ability to get where you want to get.  All you have to do is apply it.  You already have the ability to learn, think, decide, and to plan (and act on it).  

[Of course, you need to put time into it, which you will be able to do by implementing The Quickest Life Improvers.]

If you are not getting what you want out of life, you are experiencing the same problem as a person who has gone on to take calculus classes but has no clue how to do that.  The reason is  simply that the person is missing some
crucial pieces of learning that were

The following is true of life also:

“Learning mathematics is a highly sequential process,” says Dr. Karl Albrecht. “If you do not grasp a certain concept, fact, or procedure, you can never hope to grasp others that come later, which depend upon it. For example, to understand fractions you must first understand division, to understand simple equations in algebra requires that you understand fractions. In addition to this, solving ‘word problems’ depends on knowing how to set up and manipulate equations, and so on.”

Excerpted from: 4 Cognitive Skills For Successful Learning

"Every day you must unlearn the ways that hold you back."