Without this success is very unlikely.  You must make it or your journey will fall far short of the great life you could have had if you make and the decision and the pledge.
No decision, no pledge = no power = no results.


Copy and paste the pledge into a word document, complete it, and send a copy to your "Partner", your "Coach", and/or your true supporters in life.

Choose either to do the pledge or (go further down the page) to do the alternatives. 


__ I realize that increasing my life capability wisdom is the highest of all activities for my life.  Nothing else is more important, for this is what facilitates all the rest!

__ I will not allow lower value activities to push out higher value activities (except real emergencies, of course).

__ I realize that time is the raw material of life.  Investing it well will produce the greatest total value in life. I invest my time in the highest value activities per amount of time.


__ 1st:  Increasing my life capability = increasing the ability to produce high value in my life. (See footnote 1.)  This consists of:

___ Learning and implementing wisdom such that I am more and more life
      __ I must do this daily (six days a week), both
           __ Learning
           __ Implementing daily (completing the exercises, writing up the plans,
                evaluations of how I'm doing and what to improve)
__ Assuring I am well-grounded for the day.  This is a must, for the day to be good.
__ Assuring exercise (and proper nutrition) for the day
__ Assuring high functioning balance (staying "in the zone", homeostasis)

__ 2nd: Producing (and living/experiencing) the highest value activities in life.

__ I realize that increasing my life capability and not allowing it to be pushed aside will
    at least double the value in my life - and is likely to increase it 5 to 10+ times.


__ I will live my version of the Pre-set, Super-Committed Schedule 
__ I will insert the Big Rocks first in life
    __ I will not let them be pushed aside (except in extreme emergency)
         __ I will protect this time as if my life depended on it (for it does)
__ I will insert the grounding and exercise at the first of the day
__ I will insert at the first of the day a high value productivity time block on related to
    increasing my life capability (not other capabilities or high value activities)
   ___ Even in time crunches, I will spend no less than __ hours per week, including
         reading basic emails from coaches, staying organized at the minimum
__ I will insert at least one high value productivity block after that on my other high
    value activities.     
__ If a high value activity comes along that will cause a time crunch, I do not push aside
    my highest value activity.  I quickly drop the lower value activities instead.

Committed to this ____ day of ___________, in the year ______.


Footnote 1. This is more valuable than the high life value activities themselves because each one of these increases my ability to attain high value from life.  That ability can be used over and over, so it has multiple impacts which add up to more extra value attained in life than just doing one single at-the-moment value item.  The life capability increases forever better my life and make me more capable of contributing more. __ I have read and know The Highest Value Activities In Life - Harvesting The Golden Eggs And Enabling The Golden Goose.


__ I don't "get" that this is worth the time, so I won't do much.

__ No, I won't do much of anything.  I am already wise enough and ok in my life.

__ No, I'll just do a few things, which are:  (Write them in this space or on an additional

__ No, I won't commit, but I'll work for awhile on this and then let the interest
    dissipate, again.

__ I'll fit it in conscientiously if I'm not too busy filling my life up with other great

__ No, this is for improvement geeks.  I'm settled and I don't need to do that type of
    thing.  (Or ___ "I'm not that type of person.")

The One Decision That Determines All Of Life - Yes, the decision is necessary to creating true happiness, but it is the decision to employ the only means to actually achieving it. 

Without the decision and the commitment being strong enough, you are likely to fail, drifting off into another good intention gone nowhere. 

Willingness And Commitment Or No Play

If you are a coach, don't work with anyone who will not make this pledge early in the relationship.  Otherwise, the will go back to the "same old ways" of doing, being, and living.

If you are "interested" in self improvement but do not make this pledge, you'll live a Level 3 life, you'll gain a little here and there but largely be stuck with the same repeating problems and symptoms.  Don't fool yourself, you're not going to complete the proceess and live the life that will lead you to higher and higher levels and to leading the Level 10 life if you dont make the full commitment in writing.

This effects:

What you tolerate, the standards you set (or don't set), whether you will be  living less than the level of the life of the life happiness champion, living in the zone...

after all, it's "ok", buying into the "normality" conversation, it is normal not to achieve our resolutions (we are victims of humanness), misused to achieve compassion and not feel bad about it, but selling ourselves short in the process. 

The life learning time and the self time are the main thing to assure is in one's schedule.  As Covey, puts it, in First Things First:  "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing."