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Use as the core:

The Reminders Notebook (link to contents piece, too)- You can actually look through, via the tabs, what will be empowering for the day - use the table of contents to decide which items to look at and/or use that day.  See the page: An Example Reminders Notebook With Links, Specific Pieces For Your Possible Use.

Use this these alternatives, reading, watching, or listening to these specific pieces (or your version of them):.


Breathing (See The Pause also.)

Pieces to read

Pieces To Use To Get Centered For The Day - Over 30 directly linked, others listed for entering into site's search engine to access. Perspective for the day, one's "base in life", affirmations, "Statements" of power, intentions about life, meditations, life stands, inspiration.

Review goals, visions, dreams or purpose, mission 

Reread your philosophy of life (summary).

Reading a book  -

Read from a book on practical life philosophy, life improvement books, inspiring examples of people...thinking about life and what works is a powerful way to feel more grounded.  (Best Books Lists)
Read from summaries of books or sites (such as this site, which also has 10 minute videos)

Daily learnings

Working on daily learnings, especially in guided programs (Free, but very good, Tools To Life 90 day life structuring process, with videos and exercises and assignments.)


Life and self enhancement trainings. (See Resources For Success.)
The Great Courses   


See the videos and audios in Meditation And Relaxation Contents/Links.


What To Write In My Journal
The Improvement Journal - Write on something you noticed recently...
Do "The Morning Pages", writing non-stop stream of thinking for 3 pages...See My Daily Journal.

Create a revised belief

Use the simple form for changing a belief from something you recently experienced negatively:  ABCDEF Analysis.

Or simply write out what you would believe if you were coming from being a powerful person or what you will think for the day which will be a powerful day.

Writing, "thinking"

Writing in one's journal:
    The Morning Pages
    The Life Enhancement Journal (what you noticed worked yesterday and/or decisions about how to better your life)


Short Videos (longer ones are good for later in the day):  There are lots to pick from.  I have selected videos on a number of playlists on my YouTube channel.  

Videos On Success - Linked, watch instantly

Energizing or inspiring music

Music playlist - There are some on my YouTube channel, but you'll want to make an MP3 version of your own.  See suggestions in Inspiring Music and listen to inspiring songs (linked to YouTube directly).  

Memories, good deeds, etc.

Flip through:
   Your Memories Book.
   Your log of good deeds and good things I've
   Log of thank yous and compliment (or file of
      copies of them in computer or on paper)
   Your Positives Portfolio  

Read top sites, blogs

The Best, Top Self Improvement, Life Improvement Web Sites

How You Start Your Day Determines Your Day!

Checklist For Being Grounded - To Start The Day - Are you grounded sufficiently for the day?

Possible sequence

Fix meal, coffee whatever - Glance through review items briefly, decide what to focus on

Exercise, preferably right at home (Home Exercise Equipment), probably reading at the same time.

(The two can be reversed if preferred.)

Read aloud, review your key "statements", affirmation, goals, intentions for the day, use Reminders Notebook contents and/or Pieces To Use.

Writing and "thinking" (brief) using the items in the box, far right.


Listen to or read inspirational items (alot from Pieces To Use).

Review, scan emails, resending key ones to yourself to put into plan or read later.

Plan the day out hour by hour so that you have certainty and good decisions.  (Daily Planning)
Start on your highest priority block of time (Living Life In 90 Minute Segments).