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Statistically, those in support groups lose twice the amount of weight compared to those who aren't.  They are useful in any area you want to improve.

__ Eliminate everything in life that does not serve you with a high positive payoff!  (See
    Life Productivity.)

__ Friends
    __ With good values (esp. in the area you want to be good)
    __ Only be with those people who are like you would like to be in life
    __ Stop being with all people who do not support you or have the values you want
         __ Don't be with overweight people if you want to not be overweight
         __ Don't be with complaining/victimy people if you want to be successful in life

__ Resources
    __ Don't take advice from those who aren't as you would like to be:
         __ Fat (or unhealthy in any way) doctors.
         __ Unsuccessful people (aspiring people who aren't successful mean well, but
              they are unsuccessful!)
    __ Reading the best books on what you want (and summaries and videos, such as
         selectively on youtube - see the KahunaKeith channel)
    __ Coaches are an incredible great force (of course, screen them!)
         __ Individual coaching is the best
         __ Group coaching is also highly beneficial

__ Influences screened! (Don't be exposed to anything that is "counter" to what you
    __ No negative news or contentious or violent
    __ Only exposed to great, positive influences (models, training, etc.)
__ Models (good surrogate support!)
    __ Read, watch the biographies of people who are (or were) like you would like to
         __ For instance biographies of People I Admire, People Who Inspire.
         __ Not just who are successful, if they are not happy or not living a good life.
              __ For instance:  Great 'Men', But Did They Live Great Lives?
         __ Videos, such as on youtube (see KahunaKeith channel, such as "Great
              People", "Leaders", "Habits Of Successful People", etc.)

__ Support groups toward what you want (see Support Groups/Communities)
    __ Sharing stories and encouragement
    __ Avoid those where people who are unsuccessful or lost are giving advice or
    __ Professionally lead or guided or formatted are best. 
    __ Limit time only to what is working and effective and efficient - if it starts to
         wander, be off point, not add as much as before (such as your already knowing
         and implementing most of it)

This is part of the Power In Life series. This is a great road to being much more happy and satisfied in life!

Support Groups/Communities - Increasing Personal Power Through Group Support - Suggested groups and types of groups, even "master mind alliances".