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The point of life is to gain the most value out of life.  It is to build up and accumulate what is of the most value in total.  It is to live life at the highest level, so that our experience of it feels great and is great, and not burdened at all by survival concerns, anxiety, uncertainty, or any of the needless detractors from life.

How could we want less?  How could we dishonor our lives by living it at lower levels, squandering it?  Why would we not hold every moment as precious, to be cared for and lived at the highest level?  

So, I suggest that you become really, really clear on what I call "life value", by reading Life Value - The Worth Of Your Life Is....

There is no other good choice!  You must master this! 

It is what will make your life the very best it can be.  Anything short of that is a 'wasting' of life itself!

So, again, first understand what "life value" is - completely, vividly, clearly.    

Then, and only then, go and produce more of life value (and perhaps fewer widgets or other things of far less value).

[How much of life can you afford to squander on the useless or even on the lower value items in life?  



One super-key to life is developing the ability to "be productive" with your time.  (Below we discuss what to be productive of, so please don't confuse this with "work" or "being difficult".) 

Briefly, it consists of:

1.  Defining what we want that is of the most value to us.
2.  Learning how to effectively get that.
3. Allocating our time to the highest value activities.
4. Reaping the benefits.

Learning the high value productivity skills will save vast amounts of time, as you'll be able to get what you want but in fewer hours and then be able to use those freed up hours to do more of what you really want and get value from.  An example would be having the skill to earn more money per hour so that one would have to work fewer hours to obtain the dollars are needed and then devoting those hours to personally satisfying activities and to living a better life happinesswise!

(See the intro page Productivity and then set up a few hours to read the key links when you are ready to start what will catapult your life forward.)


"You gotta learn this... or you'll be blowing alot of life!"

"Productivity is not a 'bad word'.  Instead, it is a key to all that is good - if that is what you set your sights on."


Because a number of people have unduly focused on productivity in one area to the expense of the more important things in life, many people have the idea productivity is stressful and "cold and hard". 

However, what is actually true is that the "life productive" person has a warm and easy life with minimal stress.

He/she does so much of what has the highest payoffs that there is lots of satisfaction   AND lots of desired results produced in life, with lots of time left over.

If you are not achieving those, then you are wasting your life.  You are not "producing life in your life".  You're just surviving and not thriving.

You can change all of that just by doing a few of the mechanical, doable actions I suggest.  And they are not hard - they actually make life easier.


It is doing what is most important to produce what is wanted in life.  

The "So-That"s

There are a few "so that's" which are included in the causal chain, but they are not to be confused with the desired end results (though one of the results of doing the "so that's" is that you gain huge confidence and become relatively fearless). 

A big "so that" is developing the skills to be able to produce value so that you achieve adequate income and wealth to cover what you actually need to have.  If you do this, then you free up huge amounts of time to do more of what you truly value in life.

A huge "so that" is developing the knowledge, skills, and habits that produce oneself being highly healthy and feeling good physically - and that also contributes to being more productive, with the bonus of "chemically feeling good", with lots of energy and highly reduced self concern.

Some of the "so that"s lead to other so-thats, such as increasing one's confidence and sense of control over life, which is one of the major causes of happiness.

Of course, using all the productivity tools are the key to unlocking the forces to produce the results you want in life! 

The "End-Product"

The "end-product" is, broadly defined, "happiness".  

Along the way there will be "so that"s which are akin or even part of happiness.  One does feel happy generally when one "feels alive", with great hormones and great internal conversations that keep the great feel good hormones going.

Those "feelings", which are actually sensations do to neurotransmitters and chemicals, which are "part" of happiness are 

Feeling love (and also the feeling from being loved - but the smart person is not dependent on the latter) - This is oxytocin and dopamine producing, plus reinforcing of one's positive conversation with oneself.

Going after a reward (with little "return" when one has the reward, except perhaps in terms of confidence and evidence) - Dopamine is produced.

A feeling of well-being - From endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin - and serotonin in the right amounts.  

All of these are "feelings" from chemicals, which you can manage:  Managing Your Chemicals - Balancing Them And Using Them For Better Functioning.  This is an example of an area you should become a master at, if you are to achieve true happiness!  A sister of this is State Management - The Essential Skill To Operate Maximally!

Along the causal chain, right before happy feelings, are:

1.  A feeling of having lived a good life (based on evidence), accepting and making 
     deminimus the necessary costs.
2.  Good memories that remind one of good things in life (set up reminder system for 
3.  A feeling of contribution and having been a "good being".  
4.  A feeling of gratitude for all that is "life" and all that supports it, including people.

And those feelings are based on the level of understanding of life that we have, on our philosophy (viewing point) of that life, AND on the actual experiences in that life.  To construct what a good life would be for a human being (and to adjust that for your own uniqueness) is necessary before we can live that life - along the truth that until we see a clear picture of what we want to achieve or be, we cannot possibly have that.   I write this out in  


The very purpose of this site is to help people to realize that it is essential to do that which will maximize effectiveness in order to maximize happiness and to give them the knowledge and tools to actually produce that happiness. 

So... the sooner you start on the Programs and sequenced readings/learnings, the sooner you will become a master of effectiveness in "Life Productivity" - producing maximal, deep, enduring happiness.   See Learning/Achieving Programs and the related contents/links page.


(Come back to this page until you've finished these items.)

We human are seeking the greatest total, long term, enduring happiness.  The way we do that is encompassed in Living The 80/20 Life (a sister site), for it is the very way to live one's life.  Do a quick scan overview of the idea of the 80/20 life.  You'll return later to refining and learning this more in depth.

As part of that way of living, one must (if one is to make progress) engage in learning about life and how to create happiness.  That will take time, which must be set aside.  The danger is that one will often shove aside that which is not urgent, as people with limited perspective operate based on demands "out there", buffeted around by circumstances and other people.  See and do the basic test (give a copy to your coach or partner) about importance and urgency, on this page:  The Four Quadrants - Where Time Is Spent And The Results (Or Symptoms).

A person who is the happiest is that person who is the wisest in life (and doesn't confuse "attainment" out there in the world with internal peace and happiness).  The "test" of whether one is doing what is best lies in how happy the person is or isn't.  The "isn't" is often the best clear indicator.  The indicators are anxiety, stress, worry, lack of self worth/esteem, dependency on others, and such.  All of those are based on ignorance of the proper things to do and of how to correct beliefs that are damaging to one's life.

The path to happiness and a great life always must include learning.  It is impossible to have true happiness without adequate learning, as otherwise a person stumbles through life hoping to be acted upon by circumstances and other people - that does not work well!

See, and go back to many more times, The Paths To Where You Want To Go, reading the first link to the overview and the next piece on momentum in life.  The latter will link into The One Decision That Will Determine Your Life - make that decision.


See the Kindle book on Amazon:  The Quickest Route To High "Life Productivity" From Wherever You Are Now. 


Life Value - The Worth Of Your Life Is...


(See the detailed version at the end of this piece.)

- Plan: Reallocate time to what is of most value.
- Install a structure for having time to learn and implement life value productivity improvements. 
- Decide The One Decision That Determines All Of Life.
- Allocate sufficient hours to implement the one decision. 

Use this:

The Highest Value Activities In Life - Harvesting The Golden Eggs And Enabling The Golden Goose  

This sister site focuses on what is the key:

Living The 80/20 Life 


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See the Kindle book on Amazon:  The Quickest Route To High "Life Productivity" From Wherever You Are Now.  

or start with The Pre-Set, Super-Committed Schedule For The Day For An Always Powerful Day!  Not Optional!

Managing Your Chemicals - Balancing Them And Using Them For Better Functioning - This is an example of an area you should become a master at, if you are to achieve true happiness!  A sister of this is: 

State Management - The Essential Skill To Operate Maximally!


As discussed in this piece on this page, ultimately we seek to produce the most life value we can during our lifetimes.  But what is that value? 

This question MUST be answered or you'll be flying blind and it will be impossible for you to arrive at the "best life" for you. 

See the Meaning Of Life box in Philosophy - Contents/Links