Basically, something in motion will follow its current path forever unless a new intervening force acts upon it.  If you want a better life, you need to find, and diligently use, such an intervening force...

Why can't you, as a human, just "turn around on a dime" and do what you want, rather than being stuck in the reality of true human limitations?

Use this law to effectively change your behavior and stop the failures where you defy the laws but don't realize it!  And, it dramatically reduces the amount of energy required!

This is one of the very most important principles as good momentum with little "friction" can make life much, much easier and much, much more productive, for relatively little effort!

Be especially aware that one should do the productivity practice of focusing on one thing at a time until it is completed.  This is very, very true in improving life, which is your most important job in life.  See, and use, Sufficient Momentum In The Life Improvement Process, which includes more of a discussion on the impact of focusing on one thing (at a time).  

The Principle:  "An object will stay in motion, in a straight line, until acted upon by an outside force."

Derived sub-principles/rules:  

     The most efficient use of energy is to keep the momentum going and to keep it 
        going in the right direction.  (It takes very little energy, for a big payoff.)

        Example: I cannot afford after my early morning work out to "treat myself to a 
        coffee and a bit of leisurely reading" - it ruins my super-day!  So I stick to my 
        exact pre-set, super-committed schedule for an always powerful day!

Applying the principle to life's already existing momentum:

"People will follow the same paths they are on until there is an intervention that is strong enough to change those paths."  (One's life path is pretty well-set based on the past UNLESS an "outside positive force" intervenes.  And the path is super-charged IF the force sets up a self-sustaining force.  See Your Path Is Your Only Path Attainable Unless...)

That intervention can have a super-impact if it causes the person to shift to a path of his/her choosing to learn and become more and more capable.  (This person will have The Life Wisdom Mindset.)  A person will then be on an increasingly upward path, experiencing more and more happiness and good in life.  Without that super-impact, the person is simply a "hockey puck" in life, waiting to be affected by the next force, but then staying on that path until further external force happens, by chance or by who one is with.  Indeed, one of the premier strategies is to associate with those who will add impetus to your learning and increasing your capabilities.

Other than those interventions, one will stay on the path, which is usually a low trajectory, and do the same things over and over, as if living Groundhog Day but also drifting into Living The Life Of A Gradually Boiling Frog.

"Well, that's not me!"

Well maybe not exactly, but where are you on the spectrun?

Frog, Groundhog life                          Average                                         High aliveness
(Reactive, little critical thinking                                                            (Very happy, growing
Overweight, unhealthy,                                                                      think and choose much better
escaping,                                                                                         Actively create what is wanted, 
 mostly just seeking comfort                                                                 healthy

Imagine the difference in heighth over time of a compounding, growing life curve where things improve often and a straight line path with the initial trajectory continuing.  The difference is huge over time. Though at first it does not appear to be much different, the distance between the two starts to appear gradually and then accelerate, until they are no longer really comparable...

The key in life is to change the inertia and then to build in a system that will keep it growing.  The latter would have to be an automatic reminder of the value of growing plus the impetus of one's "habit of doing what causes growth".

That is the task of this site.   


Except for outer space, there is "friction" of some sort, so to keep something going at the same pace, one needs to use a bit of energy added to keep it moving.  This will be better if you "remember to do it" and if you engage in regular "holy grail" exercising and excellent nutritional practices.

We also need to use all the methods available to us to reduce the "friction" (and any forces in the opposite direction!).  To do that, we set up "systems" that automatically make things easier, even effortless.  

A type of system is a "habit", so we install the good ones and revise the bad ones. But this time we do it the right way and skillfully: The Skill And Process For Effective Change - And A Vital Key To Success In Life!

Additionally, we devise rules, ways of proceeding, checklist, guides - all to make thing eaiser and more effective. See, for better implementation, Procedures And Checklists For Maximum Productivity, Greater Ease, Greater Effectiveness

Re-minders are, of course, needed, or these things fall by the wayside, the victim of other things competing for our attention.  And it must be a part of A Pre-Set Super-Committed Schedule For The Day - For An Always Powerful Day! Not Optional!


To live a great life, one has to keep steering your spaceship of life - and if you seek and honor feedback you will correct problems and learn more and implement more and end up Living Life As A Life Champion.


Notes that might be added, so ignore these.

Inertia is the tendency of a body to maintain its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force.

If you want to have a certain rate of momentum, guess what!  You'll have to get the object in motion at the desired level - a miracle won't do it for you!  

Indecision or diverting one's attention to decide, as opposed to having already decided, breaks one's momentum - and also diverts energy and depletes "psych energy", so there is less left for willpower and for making more important decisions.

diverting to an increasing and finally greater need - legit, if it really is a greater need...
   physical exercise in am - greater energy feel less need to eat for energy boost!!!! post this.  feel good for 8 -12 hurs.  when the body or mind are dysfunctioning (outside the range of high functioning homeostasis),they are intent on looking for and fixing what is out of whack, so we will not feel as good in the present and the mind is alarmed and becomes more trained to be "upset" or to manufacture vague threats (that aren't really threats).  

understand the human chemical physcial process... without it you will not know how to manage it...

stoppers - needless fears not justifying stopping and preseving survival or reality.

understand the obstacles - fear cold (dress in great warm feeling microfleece), get to gym (have gym at home), feel tired, interpret as a signal but see if it is really serious (know capability of body)  

  inertia disambiguation
    Social inertia - description of a person's resistance to change in psychology and sociology.
   Sleep inertia - a psychological state

If I want to get somewhere I have to be in motion for a period of time and have enough incentive to stay in motion

As I write this I sense a bit of tiredness in my eyes, sinuses, jaw, sleepiness…yet I chose not to exercise.

It's easier to be in the metaphysical, conjuring in your mind
But results aren't produced there!  And aliveness doesn't happen there.

How much time to spend in limboland, the alternate dimension of a spinning mind,,,, call it.

Exist in a tired, not so good mode or get out of it. That is a critical choice/policy in life that will make a huge difference.  You get out of it by either energizing or renewal via rest.  

 Live in the metaphysical world of "I'll sit here and rest now, free from discomfort"  vs. I'll take the energy to get out of the metaphysical and get into momentum in the real world, where actual results are produced.

Either be solving a problem in there, resting on purpose when needed, or out there in the real world in action, getting results. 

When you are in a non-activated state, you are within range of depression

           Lower state of being
Depression                 Non-activated                               Active
Stopped, halted,         Seeking comfort                           Alive
Shutdown,                  Ease, escape                                 Making results happen
Totally in mind          Avoiding mistakes, criticism

Low chemical moods range                                         Higher chemical moods range

Yes, we are "energy saving" creatures it seems.  As cavemen we were "motivated" to get food, and resting was a valuable function as we were constantly in a lot of motion, but we needed only a certain amount - we didn't need, beyond sleep, scads of hours watching hieroglyphics on the cave walls…

Must be convinced that I'll feel better or I won't do it.  I'll stay stuck in my mind thinking how much effort it is - well, that's a false signal (and how miserable it will be to have to get moving)…

Quadrant II in importance urgency, Quadrant I 
The Four Quadrants And Domains Of Life - Do you choose the Aliveness Quadrant?   


Sufficient Momentum In The Life Improvement Process, Reaping Huge Benefits As We Go And Even More As We Hit Our Goals  


A physical reality, not a fault

Your Path Is Your Only Path Attainable Under The Circumstances - And There Is No Fault In You - Indeed, intervention of something new is vital here.  The solution is simply to set a good pace of learning!  Unless you're smarter you cannot improve your path!!!!


Growth Or Fixed Mindset - The Defensive What's Wrong With Me Versus The What Do I Need To Learn Now Approach - The proof of which you have is shown alot by your orientation to avoiding criticism, but much more concretey by whether you are a learner, problem solver, and have the inevitable result of those two: being much happier with a much better life!


"I feel lazy. I want to exercise now."

How do I do this effectively?

Using the idea of getting my momentum going gradually, per the law, I start small, moving in a way that is easy, where there is no resistance.  

I feel better as I begin to move and then the next move is easier, so I am deciding incrementally, rather than trying to go from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds.  

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Momentum Breakers

Stopping to make a decision.  Decide ahead of time!

Each new "set-up" for a new activity, such as a new start, switching projects, interruptions, multitasking (which is rapid switching back and forth), for distractions, deviations -all of these break momentum - and require more energy to reinitiate.