[Mini reminders to myself:  __ Set time blocks for everything; __ No diversions allowed (holy!), __ Non-optional items inserted where not likely to be interrupted or energy level is too low.]

Managing the "time" in your life is necessary if you are to have a great life instead of one where life is largely wasted over and over again.  I cover this in depth in the Life Value Productivity book.  Link to it from Books, Booklets, Special Summaries page.


If you do not set up a structure for your time management, things will fall all over the place and you'll wander around during most of your days, and waste most of your life. 

But if you set up an ongoing structure where you know how to plan your day and allocate your time blocks, you will increase your personal effectiveness many fold - in fact you can more than 10X your productivity of what will benefit your life and happiness. 

Think out what will serve you best and then tweak it often to improve it, for it is a vital vehicle to reach your life destinations.  Meanwhile, just grab and copy (or slightly modify) the basic models provided for you and slam them into place asap!  (See The Model Day For High Productivity and the links in the sidebar.)

You must know and decide ahead of time what will be done when and how to maximize the value of your time - and that can only be done through structuring your approach and your day.  Set up a pre-set, super-committed schedule for the day!   Now!  (Or asap, no later than in a couple of days.)  You need to no longer waste much of your day and your life.  Assert control and run your life for the best, starting now!!!


It's no secret.

To have a successful life, you must include the following elements/strategies/practices AND work them into your schedule so that they are actually done.

Notice that I said "successful life".  Yes, I can become successful in one area at the expense of my life, but I would not call that "success", at all.  It is failure, failure to live as great a life as you can live (or even to really just live a good life).  I tried life stuck in the "achievement" mode - and it cost me big time!


Even if you are clear about what is necessary to do for your health and your psychological well-being, if you don't make sure it is done in the early morning, it will get bumped by other things, such as being too tired and letting crap crowd into your life.
(Parkinson's Law)

Though the "other life" of avoidance and trying to make things easy is appealing, it does not work - and it does the opposite of what is intended in terms of how good you want to feel.

And, once the habit is formed, this will be easy.  And so very rewarding.

And to make certain it is installed and working, you must set a fixed early morning time to do it.   Probably six a.m. - though many get up earlier to build in the "self-time" plus some power time for getting things done without interruption.

Sometimes called The Golden Hour, all life-successful people do it.  It may not end up being a full hour or it may be longer, but it would include, at least a half hour of exercise a day (made easy) and a "launching the day routine" that would include your intentions and clear affirming statement (which are not the same as affirmations - see Empowering Statements Of The Truly Empowered) and anything else you need for "grounding yourself" for a successful day.    

To see what a day looks like that includes all the items below and which would be followed every "work day" would be such as The Model Day, in the sidebar.

1.  Handle the physical

   Insist on being refreshed and fully rested, no less than about 8 hours sleep!
   Exercise to rev up energy for the next 8 - 12 hours - and to "feel good" this day
       and cumulatively for life!  30 minutes, not optional.  See how to do it more easily
       plus the benefits, in Exercise, especially how to save time. 
   Eat a good power breakfast.
   Drink two glasses of water right after you get up.  Keep up the hydration all day.
   Use the Instant Energy From Something Good routine throughout the day, including           at least a 1 minute power session 1st thing when you get up and during all breaks.
       The short routine is lifting legs to point you can touch the knees, 100 times, and
          breathing deeply.  Adding stretching in the morning is recommended, so it might
          take two minutes then.  It is easy and anyone can do it, with no great effort at
          whatever pace works for you.
    Although this also applies to the psychological, you must do what it takes to
           stay in, and/or return to a level of high functioning homeostatic balance.

2.  Handle the psychological

    Get the perspective on the day and on life, so that you aren't distracted and so that
        you are without fear or stress all day.  See The Core Of Your Life - and live it!
        Follow the practices (or links) in The Power Of Grounding Oneself - Daily!

3.  "Set Up" The Day 

     Look at the day, decide what you'll do and write it down.  Schedule those and all
         important things, such as relationships, rejuvenation, etc., all according to the
        The 80/20 Principle (including the First Things First Rule) - which is not to be
        violated without consequences!
     Play out the day, quickly, in your mind and how it is to go (calmly and feeling
         good).  Be sure to include in that visualizing what your intent is.
     Leave plenty of time for refreshing and reenergizing during they, so that you feel
         sharp all day.  (Also reduces tendency to stress.)  See Rejuvenation.

4.  Do the most important tasks first thing in the morning.

Many people let themselves do other than what is most important first.  This must be done first, as the day will push these aside later - you can count on that happening too often.  Don't ever violate this, unless there is an emergency, in which case that would be the most important. 

Repeat:  "Never" do a diversion.  If something is interesting or needs to be done during the day, just write it down.  (Once we get sloppy on this, such as inserting a nice diversion, then it all tends to fall apart, almost without exception.)
Get up even earlier if you need to in order to assure you get these done (but be sure
that your time for arising is exactly the same every day, except for emergencies only!)

These are the simplest of basics, that you've heard over and over.  Now do them!  They are super-great enhancers for getting what you want out of life!  (Let the late-night TV hosts do such an egg!)

Do these and I guarantee you'll have good days and a good life!


You cannot possibly have a great day consistently if you violate "the rules" and think you can get away with it!!!!!!

Remember that you should always follow what you decided on, unless it is a true emergency.  This means you take naps that are only for the pre-set time (20 minutes), using a timer - they don't drag on.  You get out of bed at the appointed time.  You go to sleep at the appointed time.  If you let the duration vary or the time vary, you'll start on a wasteful "slippery slope" - and that will be much less satisfying

Based on a decision I had to make, because I was blowing my day in randomness: 

My Day - To Be A Healthy, Happy Person - The Path: A Committed Schedule To What I Think Is Worth My While

And, to keep up my energy momentum I now Live My Life In 90 Minute Segments, Dramatically Improving My Life. This includes "energy increasers", in Instant Energy From Something Good!.


Glance at and see what you want to read (write it down or print the page and checkoff what to read):  Power In Life Contents/Links



Of course, you can vary this.  Take full "vacation" or "rejuvenation" days "off", frequently.  (Rejuvenation days are vital to energy and motivation.)


Me Time - 1-3 hrs
Thinking, planning time 1/2- 2hrs
Learning time - 1/2 to 2 hours
After 2 p.m: errands, maintenance, etc.
Evening: enjoyment time or reading time


Me Time - 1-3 hrs
Special spiritual time if choose (church, etc.)
Free time

(Format example, to be tweaked to fit.  This is order recommended.)

The Model Day For High Productivity

The Night Owl - How To Adjust To What Works As A Night Owl - And avoid being a victim of it...

Generalities about the day

Up early, before "the day interrupts".

Me Time - 1-3 hours -
Include early a.m.       exercise for energy

DoTop Impact Items - The first 1-4 hrs after your golden hour.
Other "Work" - 3-6  hrs.
Family, Social, Entertainment, Enrichment - 3 hrs   

See last side bar below for template weekend.