Some people have a visceral (emotional) negative reaction to "rational thinking".  They believe very strongly that it means that their emotions and their very emotional existence will not be considered if one is being rational for the moment. 

Note that we are always, periodically, switching what we do in life in order to apply our energies to producing whatever result we want in life at the time.  We are not always consciously "feeling emotional".  Sometimes we are just buckling down and working to get a result.  Sometimes we are caught up in thinking something out, so that we can produce a better result.

But in all cases, we are trying to use our brain and energies toward "getting what we want" and/or "avoiding what we don't want".  And what we want is to "feel good" or "feel better", which are, in fact, emotions - note that "feel" is about "feeling" (duh!).  

Basically, which you'll have to read about elsewhere via one of the links below, the "effect" we want to create in life is, ultimately, about emotion.

And effective thinking must be, therefore, aimed at creating the best of all emotions "in total" over one's life. 

The purpose of it all is to feel deep, enduring, meaningful happiness and satisfaction with ourselves and our lives.  (See The Meaning Of Life, Life's Purpose - The Why And Wherefore Of Life.)


The simple "logic" of why such thinking seems to be threatening and is to be rejected is that we see it as a threat to our ability to live life.  If we consider our emotions as infallible guides to direct us to living life well and if we assume that we can no longer use them, we would reject anything we believe will deprive us of them.  It is as if it means that we will have to be less able to survive well - to have less power to assure we will do well.  In that case, it would be, to some degree, life threatening. 

Many people live their lives in fear of not being competent enough or not being supported enough by others.  They live their lives in the worst way:  'always in fear', as a background conversation always going on behind whatever else is happening at the time.  The emotion of fear is an emotion we could do without (or with only the minimum that is useful) in life.

The only road to reducing fear is using fact-based, rational thinking. 

Indeed, fact-based, rational thinking is our best friend, not our enemy.  It is our only hope to lead us to a good life, full of good emotions (which are "effects") and with the best contents making up the good life.

It is through fact-based, rational thinking that we can identify and bring about that which will have us doing what will benefit us the most.  It is the best road - not at all an obstacle!


Without using our brain to do effective thinking, we cannot create the effects we want in life.  The alternative is "ineffective thinking" - which seems to not be a very good choice. 

I urge you to understand "it", as "it" is your very most essential step to living a great life. Read, and rationally consider following, The Only Path To The Greatest Life.


Effective thinking absolutely considers emotion and emotional considerations as essential to making a good decision that will produce the best life effects.  (If a person excludes or diminishes the importance of emotions, that person is "irrationally" rejecting an important input - and therefore is not being rational, even if they pretend to be!!)

On the other hand, though, it is just as irrational to make any decision that is not solidly based on facts or logic.  Although you might react negatively (for the same reasons as above) to the idea that the simple solutions offered by emotional reasoning and/or intuition, it is absolutely non-productive or often inaccurate or incorrect to rely on them without considering all the facts.  Follow the links to them and don't quit before you thoroughly understand and have use effective thinking to come to your own conclusion.

Once a person learns enough to sufficiently understand how this works, one will never regress back to the old "non-thinking" - and one's life will be upgraded forever to where one gets vastly more and more good results/effects in his/her life ongoingly! 

Read, understand, and implement this into your life - if you want to have the greatest life: 

Effective Thinking - The Basis For Good Decisions And A Good Life - Know this, as an essential to living the greatest life!!!!

The Role Of Effective Thinking In Having A Better Life And More Happiness