[You can, if you wish (or have already read the intro and are working on the path, jump right to the pathThe Path, section of this page, below.]

Read this first

The only sure path to the greatest life is to systematically, on purpose set aside time to learn and complete the acquisition of the key life skills - then you'll have the flexibility to do or create anything you want in life!  (Any other path is based on hope...) Do this, at the level of "round one" at least, and you'll have a great operating foundation that will allow you to create the greatest life.  It is the only sure path, there is no other "miracle" path, this is the only guaranteed way to the greatest life.

"Power" is the ability to generate and direct energy effectively, to get the desired result/effect.  Ability does not happen unless you create it (make it happen!).

Follow the designated steps (as laid out right after the discussion, below) to completion and you will have a great life).  And, yes, this will take 100's of hours (plan on 200 hours, at least) - and you should be able to complete it in less than a year - a year of glorious progress and experience life at a higher level as you are going along the path (i.e. you do not have to wait to start receiving the benefits!) [If you already have mastered an area, to a sufficient degree for you, then you could skip over the area and/or come back to it later to scan and find what might help you to further hone the area.]

Put this into your schedule!

The  various schedules for hours that you might put this in is discussed in this vital piece: Life Mastery - From Self Assessment To Commitment And The Choice Of A Path.

Or start with this alternative: picking the low hanging fruit...

If the above, more complete path seems like too much, then you might do the alternative "quick improvements path", after which you are likely to return to this path.  That alternative path will get you alot of benefit in a very short time.  Start the path and then follow the sequence from The Quickest Life Improvers.   Your life will be dramatically improved relatively quickly.  After this, you can return to the complete path (the one on this page) to fill in the holes that will make you whole and fully functioning at the higher level of life power, truly becoming a master of life, a master of thought, a master of self determination, and a master of happiness.


To get the most out of life you must follow "The Process". 

"The Life Power Process" is the only process that is GUARANTEED to work!  (It is "simple", but it works!  Hope and/or normal learning from experience do not work.  Look at the evidence!)  While you are learning and developing along the path, you should follow the tenets, practices, habits, and such of The Life Champion - where you are immediately fixing permanently any and all problems that occur.

Yes, it takes time, but it is worth it, for it is the very thing that will create oneself being the happiest one can be in life.

The only sure path to the greatest life is to systematically, on purpose set aside time to learn and complete the acquisition of the key life skills - then you'll have the flexibility to do or create anything you want in life!  (Any other path is based on hope...)

Build the foundation - and the good life will come! [Build your "field of dreams" (that which you really want and is of the most value in life) and "they will come" (the enduring happiness, satisfaction, contentment, joy...).]


You can't get "there" (true, unconditional, enduring happiness) without following the path.  The path always includes learning, so you must read and study (not passively but actively, driving to deep levels of understanding).  The path always includes doing, following practices and establishing ways of doing things that are specified in the writings on this site.  This site is an attempt to make this the shortest highly effective path.  Yes, the path must have certain complications and details or we cannot build a solid foundation for our life, but I've made these the simplest and most direct effective ways to achieve a strong foundation for life. 

Which order should you do it, learning or implementing? 

Well, of course, it'll take both. 

The only criteria is that you attempt to do that which will make the most impact, give your life the most benefit.  At first, you must use the life value productivity practices, so that you clear up the time necessary to do your learning process.  You must implement these at the same time as you are building the learning, but since the learning takes longer you will seemingly be focused more on the implementation of the key practices and ways of running one's life.  It can be confusing at times, but note that you are making progress and getting benefits as you go - and making progress is the indicator that you are doing the right thing - and feeling better and better and happier and happier.

Get clear on the practices to implement asap:  An Overview Of The Life Value Productivity Practices, AKA Life Value Creation Practices.

Follow the path specified below, which goes into "life value productivity" fairly early on in the readings.  Go deeply enough within that to follow the practices that lead to life value productivity and implement them as soon as you can; insist on reinserting them each time you go off path.

It is organized into two overall sections:

Section I: Building The Foundation - And The Basics
Section II: Focusing On The Specifics (beliefs, fears, etc.) And Problem Solving

See "Do this" in the sidebar and decide if you want to do the "repair" process asap, perhaps in parallel with this.



Note:  The reality of the world is that steps take time.  If you want to be able to get further down the path, you must, soon, I hope, free up the time to be able to progress quickly along the path to the higher life.  Look at the process of "freeing up sufficient time" contained within the link below, after reading the two pieces before that (called Implementing The Structure).

Part I. Surveying, Seeing, Perspective, And Overall Deciding

This part is for perspective and a higher overall understanding of how the pieces fit together, so that you can get more, later, out of the specific "to do" type of written pieces.

A Basic Quick Grounding To Make The Right Life Decision.  (The "Duh!" To A Great Life - The Guaranteed Path)

The One Decision That Determines All Of Life - The commitment that will make the difference!!!

Implementing the structure to make it happen.- Without this structure, full happiness ain't gonna happen!  This is freeing up the time for, and assuring it is in place, for the necessary learning and implementation.  It is vital, vital, vital - or you won't be able to follow the rest of the path, or at least not do it as fast as it deserves to be done.

Directed Effective Learning  - Faster, deeper, better results - start higher happiness sooner.

    Just Copy These "Models" Of "Doing" -The Easiest, Quickest Way To Improve One's Life  

The Essential Life-Skills Without Which There Is Little Personal Power Or Happiness - Things don't just "happen". 

Right Thinking - The Master Skill - Consider Using It More - Most people don't even come close to developing nor do they use it even close to enough. 

Life Value Productivity - Implement this for producing the highest accumulated value in life - and having plenty of spare, volitional time.... (In Part II, we mine this to a greater level.  Right now you can get the overview.  One possible choice you may make now is to implement the "quickest improvements", which will free up a lot of time to work on what is most important in life!)

Build One At A Time - Build, not hope for.

Learning the practical wisdom necessary for a great life - From this, some obstacles and problems and false beliefs will disappear, as you see the absurdity or unworkability in them - others will have to be addressed by a specific program. (Programs), that would be chosen, in most cases, after finishing Part II   Read and implement the pieces of this in Part II, following.  Note that our first objective is strictly to gain Sufficient Knowing that will get us very quickly to operating at a good level in life in its key pieces and overall.
Part II. Implementing the improvements, getting life results now

This is a large separate sequence that we will jump into for a substantial amount of time to follow to completion: The Course  For Improving Life For True Happiness.  It has 75+ pieces that lay out the core of what you need to know about how things work and how to work them!!!  Right now, as you are scanning this page you are on now, just glance at the course right now to see what it includes. 

This is a significant hunk of the overall sure path, without which you will not have the ability to create your greatest life.  It includes (the details are in the linked piece, above, which has links to each item listed in the course) (quick-scan these, notice what pops out...):  You could use this as a checklist, checking off the item as your already having mastered it, and noticing what you really do need to master.


__ "What is reality?" 
__ "Know the machine" (the brain/body) and
__ "Know how to operate the machine" - it is essential that you don't skip over this!


__ Making the key decisions that will determine life,
__ Doing what has the greatest life value,
__ Constructing a better life,
__ Eliminating 99% of the fears and
__ Correcting one's beliefs,
__ Installing the positives,
__ Understanding emotions and thoughts,
__ Setting up a structure for life.

While you will want to still follow these sequences, those who wish to accelerate their progress might use The Life Improvement Journal process.


Then, we proceed on to addressing specifics and solving problems, having established the key priority in life and an overview of how to do it... and the why AND the commitment!

PART I. IMMEDIATE PROBLEM SOLVING - This must be done if one is to have a great life!  It applies to all of life, including beliefs.  Imagine a life with no problems!  How much is that worth to you??!!??

While this practice consists of doing immediate problem solving, there is some catchup to do on accumulated problems you have now, which is mostly to do with belief replacements and behavioral habits.  This will take some time, but is highly, highly beneficial as it is life itself - it is a real blast to see life freeing up and feeling so good! We start this process by identifying the key problems to solve, working on them in a concentrated fashion, while handling any urgent ones as we go.

PART II. EXAMINATION AND REPLACEMENT OF BELIEFS - This is JOB #1, requiring learning and "thinking" to come up with what works in life, while discarding what doesn't work but is still in one's life. (Follow this in depth, as it will be a major project!)

   Eliminating Faux Fears - Dumping 99% of all fears and emotional obstacles!

PART III. 'LIFE SYSTEMS' TWEAKING  - The systems of life are simply the "way we do things".  The "way we do things" are always systems and always in steps.  It is vital to Improve all of the systems of life as you go, recording what is happening and improving them promptly, including:
  - Re-minding - Of what is positive, uplifting, grounding - to keep "top of mind" over other things.  Daily.
  - Ways of running your life
  - Habits - A major enabling strategy for supporting what works in life, along with routines
  - Routines,
  - Practices - Definitely a core strengthener, making life easier and better.
  - Any system or whatever we want to learn that will get us whatever we want!

We focus, then, on other, more specific items, only after you've developed what I call
"Overall Life Capability" is developed.  This underlies all else we do.


See and select specifics from The Paths, to everything from success to happiness to psychological health paths to  biohealth to happy relationships to financial.  It links into the programs for implementing pieces of life and systems for life, including checklists for running your life - choose which ones and put them in the order you wish to do them.  This, of course, will take time, but each step taken will accumulate into an ever increasing growth curve of greater happiness and effectiveness in life.  


If you are in the process of getting on and following this path and you get confused or are unclear, write me a note so I can clarify and fill in what is needed.  Contact.

Do this

Survey the sidebar pieces below, for perspective, reading as you wish, then returning to follow "the path" in the main part of this page.

Those interested in jumping to the "repair" activities, should attack the core of all life by insuring your top 10 core beliefs are corrected!  See and follow the trail in Changing Beliefs.

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