This is being finalized and tied in with other things that show a way to copy easily in order to implement these ideas more easily.  If you are on this page and are anxious to have me finish it, please contact me.

This is here so that you will have something specific so that you could see how this is done.  Of course, you would probably revise this to fit your situation and/or preferences.

GO HERE, TO SCHEDULE YOUR YEAR:  See the word document: Calendar For Planning And Tickles. (If for some reason you can't download this contact me, let me know the problem and the type of computer you're on.  Then I can figure out a way to modify it to add a format for others in similar circumstances.)  Planning, since it is a higher brain function, must be done when one is fresh, rested, and alert!

If you don't tickle these right this moment, you are blowing it! (Do this now, as you can always modify it later.)  It involves 14 entries, taking less than 15 minutes (some are done in one swoop by using the monthly repeat feature).  I suggest that you either schedule to be done or go ahead right now to do the simple weekly by day tickles for planning and journaling/reflection. (On the latter, to have the calendar less crowded looking, I used the electronic Reminder feature, repeating daily.)  Took less than 15 minutes to do all of these; very easy! 


Set up your automatic digital calendar so that it indicates holidays in the calendar.  (Easy)


Do the scheduling of your vacations ahead of time, even if you might have to adjust them later.


Yes, you'll probably have to move some, but reserve some time for them.  Put them on some predictable schedule.  I used to do all day Wednesdays as a given (and, yes, I was working the other days).  (What is a free day?  See The Magic Of The Free Day,  To go to the highest level, you'd schedule, at least quarterly, your free days, productivity days and buffer (prep) days in a ratio of 3:3:1 (see Theme Days, on this site).

I would also block out a whole week or even two where I could relax, think, learn...and then I'd come back to work calm, cool, collected, confident and ready to go!