In process, to be further edited and tweaked, but usable

Standards:  High functioning in each area  of life.  Not habituating, acclimatizing to a "new normal" this is lower than should be tolerated.   If the rating is below an "A" (excellent), then you should drill down to the more detailed level (click on the link!) to correct what is "off".  If the rating is below a "B", make haste to correct it to a higher level.  Needless to say a "C", "D" or "F" should be corrected poste haste!!!!!!  Give each overall area a grade also.  We would best use this dashboard for the high overview of life all the way down to the everyday experience (so we can be on track every day).  Print this out and enter the "grades" into it.

The objective:  To have you "adjusting" all aspects of life up to where you would really like them to be and feel good about.

The reality of time:  There is more than enough time.  In fact, you can't afford not to spend the time to assure you are operating at a great level of life!

The levels of viewing life

Life: The View From 100,000 Feet - Start Here 
Life:  Descending To The 50,000 Foot View Of Life - Seeing Some More Detail 

The frequency of observing life and adjusting/correcting it:

The structure of reviewing, in sufficient frequency:  (Schedule)
    Daily planning - Simpler
    Weekly - The core of running all of life expeditiously
    Monthly - To rise up to view some key items not looked at more often
    Quarterly -
    Yearly -
    Life plan/review - Initial plan done, then reviewed and tweaked yearly (in general)

Additional assessment exercises

It can be very useful to see and use some of the "Life Tests And Ratings": See Overall Life Test - Do You Have Any Further To Go In Life? - a somewhat different way of viewing and rating life.

__ Physical

__ Energy - Alert, not groggy, easy movement and
   doing, sustained energy all day
__ Weight - Fat's effect on energy and functioning
__ Body "feels good" (light, no stiffness, no discomforts
   in any part, posture excellent)
__ Strength
__ Endurance

__ Emotional

__ Feeling happy, contented, satisfied, and/or grateful
__ Feeling relaxed, not feeling anxious
__ No suffering (no guilt, no shame, no feeling of
__ No faux fears (no worry, feeling of overall well-being
   and life is ok and good)
__ Feeling strong and in charge of life, able to meet the
   challenges of life

__ Overall experience of life (= life)

__ Great, inspiring, grateful, feeling good...or...
__ Less than great  __ B; ___ C; ___ D; ___ F

__ Actively, effectively producing the desired experience of life

__ Wise (Practical; ability to choose/decide well, solve; "sufficiently" know how things work,  how to work them to get desired effects and how to solve problems well)

__ Effectiveness

__ Clear on the desired "effects" you are seeking in life
    __ Life's purpose: Happiness
        __ Components of happiness are clear
__ Clear on one's values (soundly based, producing true value not just believed
__ In charge, intentional every day (Not passsive, not just a reactor, not driven by  
__ Managing time so there is plenty of:
   __ Rejuvenation and recovery time (so always feeling good, not rushed)
   __ Overview and perspective time
__ Supporting systems are operating well so life is easy
    __ Organization systems fully in place, so clear and easy
    __ Time management system fully in place, so clear, defined, and easy
__ Reviewing, adjusting, and planning regularly (scheduled)
   __ Life is clearly designed (and planned)
__ "Sufficient" skill in each important area
   __ Complete my learning in each area such that I feel sufficiently effective.

__ Relationships

__ Engaged only in high value relationships (supportive, positively contributing, inspiring)
__ Feel good about relationship skills
__ Not dependent, not approval-seeking/sucking (relates to guilt, not feeling worthy...)
__ Knowledgeable about relationships (not in fantasy, know the "place" of relationships in life