See, further down the page:  How I Use GTasks to create more flexibility than the tasks in GCal. 

Syncing and linking

From my PC, I link it to my iCal (& CalenMob automatically at same time) on my iOS devices (Sync Google Calendar With iPhone or iPad) - use google support for your mobile device), so that the entries will appear from Google or vice versa.

On my idevices, I go to settings, then mail contacts calendars, then to "add account" , select "Google", enter info in the boxes.  Under  mail contacts calendars, I select "gmail" account and I uncheck mail and contacts because I don't want them on my iDevices right now.   I also uncheck all gmail, birthdays, holidays and check only the name I've given to the GMail account.)

If I enter an appointment or something into my iCal calendar, it appears in Google without the coloring I often like, so I will change the coloring and add any detail while in the Google Calendar on my PC.  If I enter the same into GCal, then it will appear only in one color. 

If I want the iCal calendar in iOS device to send an entry to my GCal, I must select when entering an item in iCal the calendar under "GMail" - I always select the (gmail account's) name and leave it as an automatic default.  If I use the other non-gmail account "calendars", when I don't care if they are linked in to my GCal, I can view those on iCal but not on GCal.

All of my standard blocks of time for my day and week are pre-entered repeating weekly.  I can insert tasks into that block by editing the block and entering, for instance, into the exercise block "weights 30, run 30".  Then when I go to save a repeating event, it will ask if it is only in this instance, so I check that one). 

Enter events - Quick Add (from down arrow next to "create") - Entering "Finish paper sat 10am" - will put event block in at 10 am on Saturday.  Entering Finish paper sat 11a to 11:30 will put the event in for a 1/2 hour time block.

To check out:

Notifications - Pop-ups, emails, sounds - I cannot get a sound notification from Google, so I enter the alarms in iCal (which set up a notification in GCal automatically which will also popup a notification.
see apps in ev
See if I can set up "appts." calendar on google and have calendar and color show up in ical, should work!
look at sunrise video
see also the example piece...
Phyllis Khare

HOW I USE THE TASKS (Use with GTasks in iPhone, iPad, and a copy in PC [instead of using the Google task lists, which is a duplicate, as all of them sync - but sync each when you leave them. and when you enter a GTasks app on another device (by refreshing the page or pressing sync buttons if they are any).

If I take a task in a particular list and assign a date to it, the task will also appear on the calendar at the top of the day. 

Sorting - I do this in the PC by due date.  (No other way yet, that I know of)

GTasks on PC will list "all tasks" at once, so you can review them all, whereas the others only do up to a week or two.

GTasks, in iOS, will sort and share tasks with Google tasks.  Can do subtasks to several levels.  In "manual" mode, it will indent subtasks, but not in title or date sort. 
GTasks on my PC (installed as an app from the Google store) performs a couple of sorts that are unique to it. Use it preferentially if I am at PC.
Subtasks:  See above for GTasks
                GCal will  do subtasks if I press tab. and it will show the subtasks from GTasks, but
                    only if it is not in the "sort by date" action for a list; it must be in "view in my order".

Planning Calendar Procedure Checklist - Start Here! 

My chosen software

My Task Management Software


I use Reminders in iOS to "ding" me at the right time or day, so those items do not appear on my calendar.

I will use in Evernote the reminders system for when to review or follow up on a note. 

Example of a use (video):

How To Create A Weekly Schedule In GCal (14:20) - Note her entire structure, ending in the calendar


Creating Tasks And To-Do-Lists In Google Calendar, Video (7:57)


Sync with Microsoft Outlook? (later to see if I can add this in)

Google Apps Migration For Microsoft Outlook - Imports to Google via Microsoft Exchange account. 

Sync Google Calendar With Outlook - 4/6/15, appears to solve it. Use GSyncit software.

Note:  This is being re-reviewed, so ignore it for now.

Recommended by expert as the best way to go

But I disagree as it does add any advantages over iCal that I could see and has only limited ability to show "specific day schedulted items.

It coordinates with Google Calendar, but does lots more:
Sunrise Calendar - The Dawn Of A New Day In Online Calendars (9:43) - Steve Dotto, expert