In construction:  Meanwhile go the The Paths To Where You Want To Go page and read the first section of pieces, including The Only Path piece 1st.

Since it is very intimidating to contemplate eating an elephant (setting up your life), we are using the "one bite at a time" here, to assure that you get on with it - and soon you will find you have made wonderful progress in life.

Most of the chunks will be doable in an hour to an hour and a half.  (However, there may be, at times, some sort of information that is necessary to already know before going on.  So you may have to go back to learn that as is suggested in Not Allowing Cumulative Misunderstandings, Misknowings & Missings.  There will be optional links throughout that you could use to "go back" if needed, or use the search engine of course.)

These pieces are designed to quickly go to the heart of the matter and to get something implemented in your life.  If you wish, after doing just the implementation of them, you can list these in your to do list to come back to later to go into more depth.  But for now, do these, as it will get things into place much, much more quickly. 

Life Learning, Creating Notebook (Flexible but recommended as a "place" to put things and be able to access them.  Keep the originals in these notebook and copy them for other convenient places.)

"Life Productivity"

    The Quick Overall Set Up Of The Time Blocks To Live The Greatest Life

Life Success

    The Quick Overall Set Up For Life Success


    The Quick Overall Set Up For Being Happy

Emotion Management    

    The Quick Overall Set Up For Emotion Management - checklist...

Confidence, Self Esteem, Positivity

     The Quick Overall Set Up For Your Positives Portfolio - Overall

Planning Your Life

    The Quick Overall Set Up For Your Life Plan
    The Quick Overall Set Up For Day, Week, Month, Year(s) Planning