Very rough draft, but the essence is here

Viewpoint:  From the individual's viewpoint only (the "collective" is "made up", to help the individual)

Objective:   Survival (caused by evolution) -->  Happiness is the purpose

                       Accumulated, enduring happiness - it is a building up process, accumulating remembered
                            positive value units

How do I get "there"?

       Choices (and in between)
            The effective way
            The ineffective way (often the "default" way, "learn as life goes...")

       Realize:  There is no good/bad, only workability (does it get the effect I want?)

"Life value"

I run my life by choosing what will have the greatest life value effect per amount of time/effort.

      If the effect disappears immediately, then there is "no effect" that exists beyond the moment, so...

          What disappears has zero value, except for its general impression on the memory (= I've lived a good
               life, I am good, etc.)

      Learning how to have the greatest desired effects in life is the most value-producing of all activities

          Super-question #1:  So, then, of course, I  just need to ask what is of value that will help me to
              produce the greatest life value (accumulated, enduring happiness value units) - and then do it.

Super-question #2:  How can I get that value in the most workable way?  (The answer is "life productivity".)     
    The answer (duh!):  Learning, then designing the way to get there.
         Anyone can learn to do virtually anything another person has learned (except certain extremes)
               Must use "sequential step by step" learning, with all the links (see Mastery Learning)

    Obviously there are many pieces to this, with what follows being the best strategy:
         Learn the overviews first, then decide where to drill deeper, using a systematic learning program
         Write up the pieces of your life philosophy, deciding what values and activities are most valued
         Start with the quickest improvements and benefits (which in turn frees up the time/energy to do the
               Special kick starter:  Get rid of the barriers (the biggest ones first), distracters

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