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You either need rest or rejuvenation of energy in the moment - but living in an energyless or down state is something you should not allow yourself to do.  This is your life and it needs to be honored and lived at the highest!

Your resourcefulness, your productivity, your mood – all suffer for no real reason.  When you raise them, the world looks better, you feel good, are more productive, and you see clearer. 

“As I sit here and feel low energy, I start to look for something that is a shortcut to energy – or at least imagined by me to be.  I’m cutting down on coffee, and as I wonder if I shouldn’t do as my friend did, just go back to drinking a few more cups, I think that is not a good solution.  Or something  I better just do it through movement..."

Artificial stimulants, sugar, etc.?


Instead, what I need to do is to recall a simple thing that is already built into us.  And when I recall it,  I do it.  I do what substitutes for what doesn't work.  I do, at least, Instant "One Minute Energy”.  (See also The One-Minute Power Break Commitment - Injecting One-Minutes Every Chance I Get.)

One rule is Never Allow Yourself To Be In A Lower State Of Energy!  You Must Mechanically Raise It! - This includes not allowing low moods to stay. 

Consider also that it may take more effort at times to "correct" your energy level:  Energy In The Evening - And Utilizing Evenings For Even More Good Stuff.

ONE MINUTE ENERGY comes from doing one of the following for one minute:

Moving large muscles, like your legs to waist height or close, a minimum of 100 times, while at the same time taking really deep breaths at any pace you want, with very brief holds, is guaranteed to shift how you feel and your energy.

The one minute enery break is the minimum to do.  Doing more is even more beneficial, of course.

The Basic Movements (You must do these until you feel a rush of blood or energy.)

   Move arms
       Pump my arms back and forth above my head.
       Box with my arms.
   Wiggle and twist and/or jump around
       Bounce up and down; crouch and come up
   Flex all my body muscles off and on
   Open my chest
       Move my arms (bent at that elbow) back and forth in front of my chest and to the
         side, opening my chest.  Or do a yoga like pose reaching up, opening the chest, arching backwards.
   Run in place, or raise your legs touching them with the opposite hand or elbow (this is the best for me
   Stretch totally every way you can and get blood flowing

Dance vigorously to music (have a playlist to go to, such as on the KahunaKeith YouTube channel: Energy Music.        (Also on this site:  Inspiring Songs To Uplift - linked to play.)

Deep, deep breathing (note the difference in breathing from having shoulders back, tall posture

   8 counts in until can draw no more in and chest and shoulders go back, hold for 8   
      counts, breathe out for 8 counts until you have pushed every single bit of air out and
      your stomach is pushed in.  Repeat for the rest of the minute.

  The variation on this is fast "bellows" deep breathing (2-3 breaths a second), which is incredibly exhilarating.

Super hydration (water)

Posture and gestures

Do a super straight tall chest out shoulders back posture, standing strongly and powerfully..
Do the Tony Robbins "Yes!" (a windup and then an enthusiastic gesture of power; it works!  See link to video in A High State Of Resourcefulness.)

Deeper rest, briefly (totally rest and relax on out breath)

Nap - This doesn't appear to be in the "instant" category, but it is quick.
   1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 21 minutes (but don't go beyond that as you will fall into a sleep cycle
        and have your momentum and resolve go to pot.
Quick relax - Tense all muscles (or a group, if you prefer) at once, and then let go completely; works great for
  quickly going to sleep, too.

A very cold shower

Always a waker-upper!


Wallet version:  Cut this out and keep it in your wallet, especially when dieting, quitting smoking, quitting sugar – or whatever you use when tired, anxious, etc.


After a few failures or less than good enough results, I had to modify my reminders and then actually stick thi one in my wallet AND on my phone which is with me all the time.

If I was really tired during the day for some reason, I'd "forget" about "not drinking coffee" or not dropping into the victimhood of it.  I was relatively good about taking a nap, but taking a full cycle of rest (about 90 minutes) proved to be a disaster, as I'd lose all momentum plus, for some reason I would be far less motivated (possibly due to the "body reset"). 

Too often, I did not use all of the effectors.  Major mistake, leaving some of my energy on the table, unused.

"Wallet Cards"

See my revised wallet card, for me, below. 

Directly relevant:

What I Do

The Vital Skill Of "Energizing" - One Of the Greatest, Most Essential To Living A Good/Great Life.


A High State Of Resourcefulness - A Vital State Of High Functioning And Personal Power  

Notice that you may not, initially, feel much like moving.  But if you just say "I'll do this for 60 seconds", even starting slow and easy, then you'll begin to feel like moving as the energy begins to pulsate in you. 

This is true for the 10 minute reenergizing periods, as you'll soon "feel like it", though not initially. 

DO NOT STOP TOO SOON!   (You won't get the buzz or the energy from doing it for 15 seconds...)

Do not finish any of your energy breaks before you feel energized either from movement or breathing. 
The One -Minute Power Break Commitment - Injecting One-Minutes Every Chance I Get - Powerful.
ONE MINUTE ENERGY do one minute:
The Basic Movements
   Move arms - Pump my arms back and forth above my
       head. Box…(Reach high, arch backwards, breathe)
   Wiggle and twist and/or jump around
    Flex all my body muscles off and on
   Open my chest, move my arms back and forth, circles
   Run in place or move legs up touching with opposite
Dance vigorously to music
Deep, deep breathing - 8 counts for each: in, hold, out…
Also: Nap, water rehydration

The brain and the body are strictly mechanical: Your Mechanical Brain/Body - Summary - See It For What It Is, Create It How You Want It To Be - So you can intervene with mechanical actions!

BREATHE! - as this is a great energizer
Remember WATER!  Do alot!
Hold my ARMS way up above my head until I feel energized!
MOVE, of course, but do it LONGER!
Do GREAT POSTURE, sitting/standing up, powerfully
NAP, no full cycle sleep except true emergency.
BREAKS, regular ones but do lots of one-minute breaks for
   mini-sleep, minimediations, mini-relax, mini-breathing
REMEMBER that, except in extreme cases, I have ENOUGH ENERGY.  I just need to elicit it.  And sleep a full night, too!