Clue:  Paleo man did not have heart disease, diabetes/glucosemetabolism problems, or cancer.  All are related to diet (and exacerbated by lack of sleep and exercise).

Simple, but you must adopt a strategy and a way to get all of these into effect! (See my book on implementing health easily and effectively, link via Books.)

How to use this page:  This is an "overview" page, somewhat like a checklist, meant to be straight to the point.  However, clink on the links to go deeper!


Carbohydrates can be killers:  Less than 100 grams of carbohydrates a day, none from high glycemic foods (sugar, refined products, high glycemic fruits or vegetables). 
Fiber - More than 25 gms, best around 38 for men, 28 for women
Eat several quart bowls of fiber vegetables, the easy way.
Eggs lower the bad indicators.

Exercise:  15 minutes of movement a day adds 3 years to life, but it should be the equivalent of 150 minutes areobics/week and a total of no less than 5,000 steps a day, with the goal to maintain 10,000 steps.  (The only way I can do that is to use a home exercise machine upon which I read or watch videos.  I wear a Fitbit step monitoring bracelet to keep myself accountable, honest with myself, and aware.)  Making Exercise Easy.

Sitting:  Get up and move at least every 15 minutes.  Sitting for long periods is as dangerous to your health as smoking.

Sleep:  A full night's sleep is required.  It is not possible to be healthy without complete repair in sleep.

Monitoring (not using enough data!):  People don't get complete enough data from the medical and medical insurance providers, so supplemental tests are absolutely needed, period!   A less expensive resource that I like is LIfelineScreening, which does it locally all around the country.


Vit. D
Vit. K    
Take those with 1 gm fat (omega 3)

Probiotics (maintain good gut)


Implement the One Minute Break and the related physical moves that can be made.  Do them religiously and each time there is any stressing at all!


When you reach the indicators of good health, not before.

Blood pressure of 120/80.
Weight at least below a BMI of 25.
Triglycerides below 100
HDL above 70 (helps knock out the bad stuff from the walls of the arteries)
LDL below 70
VLDL below 25, but shoot for 10

Avoid self-prescribing.  Always see a doctor before any major change!
Biggest gains

Quick gains to the level of "not so bad":

Stopping smoking!
Stopping sitting too long
Get high cholesterol down
Get high blood pressure down
Get rid of diabetes

And learning how to handle life, so that there is no lingering stresses - the prime subject of this site.  But you'll have to commit to learning so that you don't settle for being Pokeyman (aka El Blobbo) in life.  See Just Learn Life From Experience...A Good Strategy?  Can't We Do Better Than That?