This is a worthwhile exercise doing - and for some people it will be a key life changer.  I'll be expanding on this more as I tie into an overall book.  Meanwhile do it (and email me what you got out of it and any examples of what you've written, please).  Contact

We put ourselves in boxes that are artificial and limiting and with no real benefit overall.  It's a little like having been a little baby elephant trained by chaining to a small stake and still feeling chained down as a big elephant, who is actually strong enough to pull that little teeny stake out of the ground easily. 

A box is a limitation of what you can do for yourself, such as I must please others and never let them down or I must do a spectacular job on things in order to be worthy and to be liked.


Dependency box - Dependent on people or outside events
Financial boxes - lots here
    Barely getting by
    Morality concepts that are false standards
Being "nice"
Having to 'look good' (see also Approval)
Personality - this is who I must be or who people expect me to be
Guilt, shame 
Protecting oneself from any rejection
    Perfectionism box
    How unforgiving you expect others are of you
    People pleasing (Anxious To Please - Letting The Life Be Sucked Out Of You)
Living by unreasonable expectations (a huge source of unhappiness!) 
    I must be strong like a hero 
Other people's expectations (and/or what you think they are)
"I'm not good enough", self-esteem


I.  Identify your boxes (list them).  5 minutes
II. A sheet of paper for each.  Write for no more than 10 minutes:
Write the box name at the top of a sheet of paper
   How does this box hold me in
   What is the benefit I derive from this box?  Do I still need that or is it a "holdover" from childhood or just a plain false belief?
Is it a real box?  Or a conceptual box?
What would be the benefits of breaking out of this box or at least creating a bigger box with alot more room?
Write out "My Commitment As To What I Will Do:" 
III.  Review what you've written daily for 30 days, deciding anew each day what you will do.

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