I'll, most likely, be adding more to this page as I go, tying it to pieces I write and/or recommending it as a supplement.  See PathwayToHappiness site and his Mindworks book, linked below.  Explore the videos, which are extensive.

This is a recommended book for your course in life.  As I had read most of the paperback book, I also ordered the Kindle version.  I wanted to be able to access and copy quotes out of it, as it has so many valuable pieces. 

Link to it via  Amazon: Mindworks:  A Practical Guide For Changing Thoughts, Beliefs, And Emotional Reactions, by Gary van Warmerdam. (He uses some things metaphorically whereas it is easy to mistake them for "real"; so read the book that way.  Know there are no "entities" with will and agency within one's body or mind or in a field outside oneself:  See The Believing Brain, Quickie Summary Overview section, especially the "a few comments and emphases" right after the key points. This is all part of the site section on What Is Reality?, which you MUST know if you are to live the best life!)

Some pieces you should read on his site:

Your Role In Life - We fall into patterns of archetypes in order to handle life, but often they are dysfunctional and should be altered.  See this to list the archetypes to see which your are reflecting, especially as you do your journaling and/or belief examinations.  

Utilize His Site

PathwayToHappiness - Read the articles over key areas of life. 




Self Mastery Course -

Part I - Free - 1st 4 sessions (no credit card or obligation!), then can choose to buy or not, at $99. 

Then decide:

Part 2 (Sessions 5-14) $99 (30 day money back guarantee)

Each session is time-gated for one week, so you spend enough time really learning the material!!!!


After reading his book, I recommend you, at some point, buy and read all of his recommended books.

Recommended Books
(Put these on your wish lists and time the reading when you are focusing on the relevant topic.  See, on Keith's site, Authentic, Effective Learning.