This is an essential building block for having a great life.  You cannot get "there" without this piece of the foundation! 

Insanity - A form of irreality, where there is a large gap between beliefs and the reality of what actually works in the world.   (I suggest HighSanity.  See Going From Some Unsanity To High Sanity, Into A Whole New World Of Happiness And Being.)

Yes, conjecture and magical explanations could possibly be true, but that does not prove they are true.  One's faith ("knowing without proof") could also be true, but I would suggest that the possibility of being true does not equal being true.

The payoff for operating based on reality:  "Nature to be commanded must be obeyed. Wishing will not make it so."


Real:  Being or occurring in fact or actuality; having verifiable existence; true and actual.

And thus, reality equals "what is observable, verifiable by scientific (objective) observers, and is indisputable."  "Reality exist as an objective absolute:  facts are facts - independent of man's feeling, wishes, hopes or fears."

What actually exists but is not yet verified or proven = Possibly true, but not classified as truth yet, not good to rely on.

What is highly probably not true = A slim chance of being true; usually a terribly bad basis for operating in life.

Not reality = Everything else (until it can be proved real)


The world (and all that is in it and in the universe) is totally a physical thing, consisting of matter and energy.  It operates according to the proven laws, that show clear cause and effect, like gravity and momentum.

Everything is "mechanical", based on cause and effect.  A body in space will continue on its path until a separate force impacts it.  We will do the same, whether it is with our physical body or with our way of thinking.  See the rationale for Your Path Is Your Only Path Attainable Under The Circumstances - And There Is No Fault In You - and it won't be changed until an outside force affects it.

I repeat:  everything in the real world is based on cause and effect.  [Read The Laws Of Cause And Effect - They Work Backwards And Forwards and To Be Life-Successful, You Don't Have To Be A Rocket Scientist, But You Do Have To Know Very Elementary Physics (or what I call 'the physics of life'.)]

If we look scientifically at any result, we can know that there was a series of sequential steps that occurred to cause each successive step/effect - and to cause the final result at that time.

That's all folks!  That's it. 

Everything else is not real, no matter how good it sounds.  And if it's not real, it's not true, despite what The Believing Brain tells you!


1.  Learn to spot what reality is and to see that everything else is not reality - and is strictly created only in and by the mind.   And know that you can create what you want to in your mind - after all you are the thinker who thought it up in the first place.

2.  The key step toward a happy life:  To learn not to believe what you made up in your mind is real.  Being able to tell the difference is a sign of sanity.  (See The Believing Brain, to explain how we make up stuff and then believe it as truth!  Also, Reality Versus The Made Up World - Notes On What Reality Actually Is.)


To get to what is real, you need to apply "effective (critical) thinking", which is based solely on using the Scientific Method.  The Scientific Method is simply based on observing and proving the facts AND, usually, based on there being a logic to the process of what is being observed that produces a specific result. 

Read Effective Thinking (aka "Critical Thinking") - The Basis For Good Decisions And A Good Life.  (Many people believe, contrary to reality, that they cannot learn to do effective, critical thinking.  Au contraire, we all can do it if we follow the sequential steps.  (See Anyone Can Learn - Don't Ever Doubt It, especially the point made by Salman Khan, in the video of his 20 minute talk at TED.)


These are not true, though some of them can be useful metaphors or analogies, as long as you don't get caught in believing they are actually true!  (When you get rid of these types of things, you will save lots of wasted energy and just direct energy toward what is real and therefore workable to get the results you want in life!)

There is no inner child, no inner critic, no inner saboteur, no ego, etc.  (Just metaphorical conveniences, though many believe in them.  But none of those have been "found" scientifically to exist.  We only make up explanations and then they often get repeated, even by some experts!)

The law of attraction will not work if you are just thinking of something and expect it to directly appear!  (Lots of sequential steps must occur to get to the desired result!!!!)  This is discussed in The Laws Of Cause And Effect - They Work Backwards And Forwards

There are no gremlins or mysterious entities in the brain (or sitting on our shoulder) that cause mischief or miracles - at least not a single one has been proven.  Forget about them.  It's all mechanical.  If we want something different in our brain and/or its operation, we must do certain mechanical things to cause them, period!

Your reality is not the "truth" in the universe.  It is only your viewpoint, though it is real and present inside of your mind in terms of neuronal patterns that exist - "your reality" is not "reality" in the real world - be sure of that!  (That's why many of the famous philosophers refer to our living in illusion.)


Gain the other key understandings by reading the Reality Series.  First read the section entitled "Reality" on the overall page on Reality Reading Sequence.  And I'd recommend, though it'll take time, the rest of the links in sequence on that page.


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If you don't know how things work, you can't know how to work them.  If you don't know how to work the pieces of life, you can't have a life that works...  Duh! Of course!

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