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The My Lifebook program
Programs: My Lifebook Online - $995
               Workshop, on location, 4 days - $2995
               8 Week follow on, videos, internet, sharing - Cost?
Take the free Life Quotient Assessment test, to see how well you are doing in life and in 12 categories.

Evaluations, reviews, comments:

A review of lifebook from site.
Nathaniel Branden is highly recommending the Lifebook program by Jon Butcher
See the reviews on facebook for Lifebook:  I think this will link to it, otherwise go directly:  MyLifeBook/Reviews.
   Also, here is a link to their videos on Facebook:  Lifebook Videos.
A person's experience (on Facebook):  My Lifebook.
A paragraph of comments on a blog:  Our Personal Journey To Enlightenment.
"Dr. Nathalie":  My Lifebook Experience.
Blog post:  I Love to Look at My Lifebook and I'm Delighted with MyLifeBook, the Company.


     Achieved The House Of My Dreams (2:28) - And mentioning other goals achieved.  Another video by her
     about getting clear on your life, talking about her lifebook Quick Video (5:13).
     Lifebook Rocked My World (3:02)
     Lifebook Vision To Reality (7:46)
     Darin Steen testimonial (7:03)

     YouTube videos on Lifebooks' page.
     Plus testimonials of the site.
Interesting items on their blogLiving The Lifebook Lifestyle.

Articles by journalists:

        Shelf Help
        Meet The Man With The Most Perfect Life In The World - His Secret? The 12 Categories Of Balance.               Taking Self-Help To The Next Level           

Many top level people recommend it and have done it:

Dr. Joseph Mercola - One of my most respected people.
Harv Eker
Nathaniel Branden
A prominent psychologist uses them for his clients, to reshape their lives and viewpoints.

Why do a workshop?

Why go to an expensive workshop (with travel expenses, too!), when I can get the same thing online (and not so cheaply)? 

The reason you go to a workshop is that you will be immersed in a focused experience where you devote enough time to really doing the work.  It is effectiveness in our life that we want, and a workshop will increase the impact, and the odds, on your life!

Other items of interest:

Jon Butcher explains the value of entrepreneurship and wealth creation (Video, 15:10) - And doing good in the world.
"He had his life balanced that every area of it is freaking awesome! He's a billionaire with great family, beautiful wife, awesome relationships and best of all! A 6 pack abs at the age of 60! He doesn't intend to die until a hundred."

Article on him and sale of penthouse: The Guy With The Most Perfect Life In the World Just Sold One Of The Slickest Penthouses in Chicago.

The Lifebook Lounge (video, 23:27)
How Lifebook Was Created (links to video)

Jon Butcher Travels To 80 Countries (video,6:47)

Only the best get a full page. Of course, judge for yourself.

Consider using this to create a huge surge in your life, or if you are self-motivated and self-run use my LifePlan materials on this site, at no cost.  Read How To Make Life Education Massively More Effective - Instead Of Wandering Around Or "Kinda Doin' It"