Imp = importance in terms of impact, greatest effects; 1 = highest
Pot. = Potential time savings per week, which will vary by person

Minimum time savings, in terms of easy items, is more than 10 hours per week, up to 30 hours per week!

ImpITEM                       Pot.              Comments

1Improper planning         3 - 10    Doing the wrong thing or the lower priority costs hours

1Inadequate planning        "

1Lack of self-discipline           2 - 10    Not doing what was planned and necessary is costly!

1Personality conflicts                 Ignore it and move on, or don't associate with those people

1Unwillingness to say no           Results in being overcommitted & many lower value activities

1Involvement with details                   Delegate, decide which details to exclude if low value

1       Doing something too well      1 - 20   Use The 80% Approach (then decide whether to continue)
                                                             Avoid perfection: Perfection - The Sure-Fire Path To Hell
1Failure to delegate        1 - 20  Doing something that is not best use of your skills, time.

1       Poor procedure, system        1 - 10   A procedure or system saves time, makes something delegable

1       TV, news, irrelevancies                     Eliminating Distractions And Irrelevancies From Your Life

2Mistakes of others               1 - 10   Have the other fix it, if you fix it, you'll never catch up!

2Equipment failures                          Or failure to get the most efficient equipment

2Poor communications                     Not planning out or thinking out communications ahead of time

2Conflicting priorities

2Meetings                      2 -10

2Unrealistic time estimates                We overfill our schedules, fail to leave planned margins!

2Lengthy conversations           2 -10   Stick to agenda for calls, time limits

2Shifting priorities

2Bureaucratic red tape


3Interruptions                         2 -10    Have at least some "uninterruptable" time blocks

3Unexpected phone calls       2 - 10    Listen to message left, decide whether to pick it up

3Own mistakes              1 - 5     Mistakes happen, education in repeated mistake area saves hrs.

3Low value socializing    3 - 10    We get "sucked" in, without noticing one get no value for self


One of the best time savers is simply to stop doing something that has no value or good impact at all.
Check of which you want to work on and improve.

__ Ineffectual attempts at control:   See Control - Its Proper Use: Stop The Waste, Increase Power.
    (Huge amount of wasted time in this area!)

__ Not doing something while tired and/or in a low state of resourcefulness.

__ Stop:  Pleasing others, letting others determine your schedule/todos, not being able to say no.

__ Not setting effective boundaries

__ Not engaging in any negative, non-progressive conversations.

__ Stopping associating with negative or low-value-to-you people

__ Stop an activity when its value drops (such as leaving a party when it starts to drag a bit, cutting get
    togethers to only what is of high value, anything that you're losing concentration or productivity in...)

__ Dump all low value activities:  My Low And High Payoff Activities - And Reallocating My Time.

See Keith D. Garrick's ebook on Life Value Productivity for a more full discussion of how to dramatically  increase the quality of one's life.  Link to it from Books.

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