Unless mentally impaired, a human is capable of using his/her human brain to create further capabilities which then can be used to create more capabilities.  A human can make him/herself capable of doing anything in life that another human has created...and likely beyond that!

                                                             The BuddhaKahuna

The Dalai Lama: "Right now, at this very moment, we have a mind, which is all the basic equipment we need to achieve complete happiness."  

See also: Am I Capable Of Making My Life Excellent? Can I Have Confidence In Reaching That Higher Level?

Somehow we are expected to have high life capability (and character and willpower and...).  But in truth, it cannot spring full blown into one's repertoire.  It can only be learned and built.  That's it, no magic. 

To live a great life, one must do The Build, which is on The Only Path To The Greatest Life (which is guaranteed to work!).  

The very first thing, as soon as possible, is to learn self mastery, so that you can direct yourself toward that which is of most benefit to you, including learning the other aspects involved in gaining life capability.    

(Either read this through quickly to get the overview and/or read the links as if they are part of a reading list.  Yes, they are in a logical sequence and all are a part of the "book" that will have you leading a great life.  Consider this like a course.  If you are quickly going through the site to get the overview, then do put this on your list to revisit this page and do the sequence.)

From The Duh! To A Great Life:


Learn Life  →   Life Capability ↑ →      Act       →   Desired Results ↑
                                                            skillfully ↑


Little learning ←                →        Less           →   Undesired results      
                              (Gap)           life capability         Less desired results

Using our Life Capability, we can harvest life effectively for high life value.

Without it, life is hard, doesn't feel so good, and doesn't turn out that well!



Learn and implement these, in this order:

Life Value Productivity                                 Frees up the time...
How to learn effectively                               Better, and in less time
How to think effectively                               The super-skill for all of life!
How to problem-solve, make decisions        For a pretty problem free life!
How to manage emotion (and behavior)       Eliminate suffering, assure happiness
How to manage health                                   Energy, endurance, feeling good 
The creation of a great life                            Enduring happiness ever present 

Remember, in the real world, everything happens in a cause effect chain - you cannot skip around it or do giant leaps forward to get where you want to go.  You must do each of the steps.  (What Is Reality? Know What It Is Or Suffer From Irreality and The End Product If Created In A Certain Sequence Of Causes And Effects versus And Then A Miracle Happens...Wanna Bet?


Life capability is THE key core competency that enables one to extract the highest true value from from everything else in life.  

It is a core competency that spreads across all of life.  If we are "life capable", we perform the basics of health management and the basics of emotion management better - and develop core competencies in those.  If we are life capable we can learn what it takes to make all other areas work (relationships, parenting, management, etc.).  

A person develops this core competency by using his basic "God-given" intelligence that we all are blessed with (except for a few due to gene defects).  

Developing this core competency is the gateway to all of the rest of life, for it allows you to create and harvest the value of life...  Investing time in this core competency is the highest possible payoff for your time, beating out even the time spent on a high value experience, for it will help produce many, many more of those high value experiences.  It is "multiplicative" with ongoing benefits that occur many times.  See the discussion in The Two Biggest Payoffs In Life (Start Here).


Beyond the basic human capabilities and biomechanics, capabilities are always developed from learning.  Learning takes time.  So the critical juncture in life is when one makes The One Decision That Determines All Of Life and begins the necessary process.  

Since time is essential, to develop all the other aspects of life capability, we must learn how to utilize time to produce the most value per amount of time - and we must do it first, as it enables the rest to happen more quickly due to the freed up hours..  (Life Value Productivity - Producing The Maximum Life In Your Life)

Since the essence of what leads to this core competency (and all competencies) is learning, we need to learn how to learn, so we can learn more per amount of time.

Without doing those two things, the engine that runs it all will not be able to produce much.  They are necessary ingredients in the recipe to make life "cook" the right way with the right elements to produce something that is both delicious and "life nutritious".

The next life skill to develop is "effective thinking" (actually "critical thinking") so that one is then capable of making good decisions


You can tell if a person has finished developing sufficient life capability by whether his/her life is running smoothly, with peace of mind, and great value in what he/she does and experiences in life.  One with sufficient life capability lives "in The Zone" most of the time.  

If one has ongoing, repeated problems, one is assuredly not yet life capable and needs to work on that capability by learning and developing sufficient life wisdom 

If one has any of the following, one has not yet reached sufficient life capability:

Needing approval, people pleasing, inability to say no, subject to others' opinions


You have to decide if higher happiness can be attained by you or not...  

If there are places in life where you are that are not where you want to be in life and you have results that are not desired, that means you must develop more of the overall core life competencies.

Can one reach it?  

Yes, there is plenty of time to develop it..., which of course must be utilized.  

But I can't afford to be a monk.  isn't it self deprivation?

No, no, and no.  You'll find that you'll be getting more out of life as you go, so you will be more fulfilled and "filled up" emotionally in a positive way.  And learning the life productivity skill will free up massive amounts of time, while still making you lots more effective.


Most of us "get used to life".  We begin to "drift along" with the flow, as we don't seem to have enough time or emotional space to be able to learn and improve things - we begin to live life the same way, much as if we are reliving Groundhog Day every day.  But then things will often tend to numb us out into Living The Life Of A Gradually Boiling Frog, seeking to be entered and poked in living a more and more passive life of Pokeyman.

But the person who is seeking feedback and striving to make life even better lives a vital, alive life and starts/continues Living Life As A Life Champion.  

Your choice. 

HOW FAST SHOULD YOU GO? soon would you like to have high life capability and to experience life at a higher and higher level?

I would suggest doing it as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy life at that level for even more years of your life!!!!!!  

Again, it's your choice.  

I would suggest that you consider the time allocation discussed as part of this piece: 

Life Mastery Self Assessment And Choice - From Assessment To Decision To Commitment And The Choice Of A Path


Establishing A Firm Foundation For Your Life - The "Secret" To Achieving Deep Enduring Happiness 

Why And How I Can Handle Life? 

Am I Capable Of Making My Life Excellent?  Can I Have Confidence In Reaching That Higher Level? - Two core questions to see the answer to. 

Do I Have Enough Time To Create A Great Life? 

Is The Payoff Worth The Time And Effort? - Definitely a key, core question to ask and to have answered!!!

Is this appropriate for only lunatics and driven businessmen and achievers? 

Absolutely not!!!!  

They are not sufficiently life capable individuals or they would not be so out of balance and stressing themselves, losing out in other areas of life - for a lesser life.

Every single person on the planet would benefit from investing the time in becoming life capable - for it is only then that they can create a great life.  People cannot create a great life from the cultural myths, from the teachings of people who are not life capable, and from intuition or "inner wisdom".  

It would be impossible otherwise! 


Read: THE Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life - This, or a very similar path, is a very sure path because it does not depend on luck or outside people or circumstances.

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