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As you might have gathered by now in reading the site, it is essential to build a solid core of confidence in life - and one of the ways to build a part of that is to use a Positives Portfolio.  Remember, however, that the purpose of this is not to compare or be better than anyone, but to know that you have the basic abilities to create good things in your life (and eventually it is to know that you can do anything - Am I Capable Of Making My Life Excellent?).

Although I had some wisdom in certain spots of life (and alot of "unwisdom"!), I did not really get it together substantially until I diligently went about the learning and the thinking necessary to create great wisdom.  I can say that I have done that to a "high level", but not to the higher level that is living at 90+% wisdom.  (You be the judge as you read what is written about where I've come.  I am proud that, though not perfectly or without mistake, I have implemented much of this in my life (though I can go go further to get to where I want to be).  I am, in my 70's at 6'5" and 190 pounds (having used the technology in this site and the many books), which is 40+ pounds off of my high and the lowest in 40+ years, and, as opposed to most of my years, I exercise very regularly.  I am living a great schedule in life and doing pretty well on Life Value Productivity, but still at untapped potential.

And, I am well aware that if I had done this learning process as I propose it on this site, I would have lived a quantum leap above this life (and where I am is something I am very, very grateful for).

As I develop these materials on this site further and further, I can see the greater potential in all of us.  I no longer buy into the cultural myths and beliefs and see what we capable of and how we can live with true grace and ease and effectiveness and much higher happiness and satisfaction in life.  (See my book on Life Value Productivity.) 


Acknowledgements on the Site: Thank Yous And Feedback About The Life Management Alliance Site.

My accomplishments

About Keith (aka About The Founder)
My Successes List - From the fourth grade, skipping a few years but noting the year of each success.  You can link to it from my Personal Page.

My life

I Am Overwhelmed With Gratitude And Appreciation Of Life, Of What I Am Experiencing Now, The Abundance Of It All! 

My dreams

In a way, this belongs in a positives portfolio, because of the positive aspirations it includes:  My 100+ Dreams List.

Personal acknowledgements (which I'll transfer to a special page for myself):

I keep a physical file, an email file, and a computer file of acknowledgements and thank yous written over the years (and even have an unopened "rainy day" file of appreciations from the other people in the LifeSpring Leadership program final weekend).

From one of the greatest men I've known in my life, though his enthusiasm tends to drive him "too far" at times, to the edge of what the body can stand:

His signing for me in his book To Be A Graceful Giant, A Living Expression Of Change, Robert L. Litchfield, Jr.:

"To Keith, My dear friend, and one of the finest men I know.  You truly are a Graceful Giant.  Love, Bob Litchfield 11/10/00."  (You can see how great he is at acknowledging and appreciating people and in seeing their greatness that can be tapped if they so choose.)