(Write out yours.  You'll insert other smaller blocks perhaps, but you'll maintain the major time block strategy!)

Based on the idea of A Pre-Set, Super-Committed Schedule For The Day - For An Always Powerful Day! Not Optional!

6        Golden time        Includes 30 minutes of exercise, personal filling up
7:30   Time Block 1       Only highest impact items
9:00   Time Block 2      Only highest impact items
10:30 Time Block 3
12      Eat, break            Do not go "out" for lunch
12:30 Time Block 4
2:00   Time Block 5
3:30   Nap, refresher                  No longer than 20 minutes.
4:00   Time Block 6
5:30   Flexible
9:30   Wind down                See below
10:00 8 hours of sleep                Know why this is necessary.

I would suggest considering what many of the most successful people do:  start at 5 am.

The 2 time blocks right after grounding, fueling, and exercising are non-negotiable - as you will not be even close to likely to be highly productive for the day if you don't do them!


Each 90 minute block has a 10 minute break in it.  See Living Life In 90 Minute Segments.  Note the link to and the use of the timer tool.

Detail For Various Blocks:

Golden time (can be up to 3 hours, though): 

     Get up, stretch so there are no sore muscles or toxins sitting inside from the night
     Drink at least two glasses of water (to recover from the dehydration while sleeping)
     Exercise 30 minutes
     Planning the day, specify what do every hour or block of time
     Reading of a progressive and/or inspiring nature
     Build in selected items (such as in the The Power Of Grounding Oneself - Daily.)

Prep for bed at least a half hour before bedtime

     Lay out all items needed for the morning ahead of time
     Hot bath (provides for "cool down" process that evokes sleep), perhaps reading a

Flex time will, of course, vary but could include some of the following:

     Family time, social time, relaxing meal
     Not a time to "numb out", as there are many useful hours left.
     Deep relaxation for a short period
     Reading for 1/2 hour (or best in 1 1/2 hour sessions, even if only do one out of
         three days)
     A learning project (though much more progress can be made in a bigger block of
         time, like on a weekend day) - This can also be inserted into the "golden time" in
         the morning.

Before deciding what to put in there, read Eliminating Distractions And Irrelevancies From Your Life - And Living A Greater Life Because Of It - One of the most powerful, and instant, things you can do for a better life!  


While the 10 minute break is a necessary and scheduled in item, one of the key tactics for returning to a higher functioning homeostatic balance and to higher energy is to use the (approximate) 1 minute break.  In that you can have "mini-naps", deep breathing, stretching, 100 larger muscle leg lifts, stretches, water, whatever you feel like you need. This very short, random breaks are highly beneficial.  It takes awhile to develop this habit to stop every chance you get for the one-minute break - and its benefits will be much, much greater than you might realize as it returns you to greater balance, which will lower the "friction" in our bodies and energy systems so that we function better and don't wear out as soon. I also have a "mindful clock gong" go off every hour, as a trigger to breath or do some type of useful break.