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A MUST in life is to learn what actually promotes survival and what doesn't.  Otherwise, we are ignorantly caught up in the false survival game, wasting life away for no gain. 

We should only play the parts of the primitive mind's original view of the survival game that are actually true (those which deliver true "better" survival in the modern world).  And we should eliminate what worked at our evolved level 10,000 years ago (we have not changed since then) that does not work in this world.

When we delete all the false beliefs, practices, and ways of thinking, we save massive energy and effort that we can now devote to "playing" the higher game of life.

A higher game has evolved because of our higher brain's capacity to create what is called The Happiness Game.  That game will win far more "happy chemical feelings" than would just the original, evolved survival game by itself.  It is the master, end game of life!!!! 

Read The Two Master Games Of Life - Survival Versus Happiness As A Game so that you can understand how these came about, how they work, and how to work them to gain a great life!

Interestingly, there are a number of "sub-games" we play that are not valid (and some that are far better to play) and which waste our lives for no real game - ALTHOUGH we continue to play them despite the fact that they don't work.  (See why rats are smarter than people, in Seeing Reality, Clearly - All Is Not As It Appears.)


The Two Main Games

1. Survival (must correct old beliefs to today's reality)             10,000 units

2. Happiness (the created higher game), consisting of
   these parts:

   Emotional Well-being                                                            10,000
   Emotional Well-being of loved ones                                            500
   Other life value creators:
        Having a few "luxuries"                                                          10
        Contributions to others (with small value per person)                10
        Then on downward to the even smaller things

We often play these games wrongly AND we devote our time to the lowest relative value units, failing to see that those efforts will push aside the energy and value attained from the vastly more important end-games.  We misvalue the emotional well-being, often because we vastly undervalue the "intangible" and overvalue the tangibles that we can see and go after, contributing much to our losing the game of life.  In a sense, we live life "upside down".

The Sub-Games Of Life

False Games And Treadmills

The Approval Game (a treadmill of "never enough")
     The "I Am Not Enough" Game
     The Social Status Game
The "Never Enough" Game (Buddha refers to it as a major source of unnecessary
      The "More" Game (often played in the money area or any addictive game beyond
          the actual value delivered beyond a certain point)
The False Values Game (We do a good job of getting what we believe is of value, but
   those values are false, as they do not truly get us what is of true value.
The "All In" To One Area Game (aka the Life Geek Game) - Focusing, often in fear, on
   one area and not learning the other key areas of life of great value. 
The Victim Game (with subparts: Dependency and The Child Persona, etc.)

You can probably think of more games.

And please, please do not play any of The Unwinnable Games We Often Play.

Misplayed Games

"If I Do This More And More, I Will Keep Getting More And More" Game
     (We fail to realize the effects of diminished gains over time for any one action. See  
         Operate Based On The Most Extra Value Gained For The Time Spent.)

"Keeping The False Beliefs" Game
     (Perhaps the biggest tragedy.  See Threats And "Fear" - Differentiating As To
          What Is A Legitimate (Real) Threat and then review and replace beliefs where
          you think you will get a benefit but which don't actually work!!!!  See
          The Beliefs Processes - Acquiring Them, Correcting Them, And Installing
          Them, which requires time and effort but which has huge, huge payoffs!)

Great Games To Play 

The Learning Life Wisdom ASAP Game
     (If one does this one, it solves all of the problems above and it wins the game of
         life!  See The One Decision That Determines All Of Life and  The Only Sure  
         Path To The Greatest Life.  In this game you have a true, broad, higher
         perspective and understanding over life and each part you are engaged in.

The "Life Value Productivity" Game
     (Here you figure out what is of the greatest value and THEN you follow the
         recommended strategies to assure you get the most value for your time - in
         other words, you maximize the value in your life.  It is The Way to getting the 
         most out of life.)


The Integrity Game 

The 100% Responsibility Game

The Two Master Games Of Life - Survival Versus Happiness As A Game

Seeing Reality, Clearly - All Is Not As It Appears

See the other relevant links and games, especially the great games to play in life.