There is a gene called "Period" which affects your circadian cycle.  It is theoretically at least an influencer of who bops out of bed really early and bright eyed (really???) and who tends to pop out later, by as much as an hour of difference, with many people right in the middle (at a half hour later than the earlier one.  (Note that, genetically, the biggest variation is a one hour difference - not 6 or 12 hours - and not justifying keeping "musician's hours" or "creatives' hours".)


The danger here is that people who get up late and don't get going until later in the day or the evening will misinterpret this as a "given", a trait they are stuck with and/or are the victim of.  It then becomes an "excuse."

Though we may have to adjust a bit for the variations in humans, it appears to me that we are not "stuck" with just being a "night owl".

I was a "night owl", trying to cram in more at the end of the evening and sleeping in until really late in the morning or even until noon or so.  It turned out that this was merely a very bad habit, one I allowed because of my lack of knowledge (i.e. I just didn't know better). 

The myth, it would seem to me, is that the "night owl" gains energy as the day goes on.  Though there is possibly some differences in levels of energy in people, it does not make sense that people would tend to gain (alot of) energy alot later, when we all MUST experience the very human physiological phenomena of getting more tired as the day goes on and we "use" our body.  Do you know of anyone who can defy this reality? If so, then you might believe that we can also defy the law of gravity....  If you understand the body and the energy mechanisms, you'll be better able to operate your body and to stop believing in made-ups and myths.  (See, and go deeply enough to understand to the level of working knowledge, Your Mechanical Brain/Body - Summary - See It For What It Is, Create It How You Want It To Be.)


Habits (which make things effortless and automatic) and regular cycles to which the body and mind can adjust make a huge difference in how we perform in life and how well we feel and function overall. 

This is beyond question.  I suggest you stop believing that there are "exceptions" and that you can violate or shortcut these realities.


It is totally reasonable and logical and well established that a Pre-Set, Super-Committed Schedule For The Day will produce a consistently powerful day - and that it is not a realistic option to just live "randomly" in the day.  The latter just does not work! 

If you can, do your best to adjust to the ideal schedule that I've suggested, but, if you need to, you can modify it to fit you better for what will work for you.  But be careful, don't fool yourself about this - observe whether your modification is producing the results you want in life - and not just an excuse to be lazy or disorganized.

Hold to the basic ideas of, as early as possible, do that which is the most important, so that you can assure that it is done before other things start to randomly take over your day.  Of course, do the "time blocks" as that, too, is essential.  And you will not do well if you pretend that you are beyond the human circadian rhythms of needing adequate sleep!!!!!

Honoring The Body's "Rhythms", For Your Best Health, Emotions, And Productivity

Pre-Set, Super-Committed Schedule For The Day, For An Always Powerful Day!  Not Optional!

Highly Technical

Wikipedia - Period (gene)


Am I a lazy, retrobate, flaky teenager?

Circadian rhythms vary by one's age, with the longest sleep occurring during the ages of greater development, dropping substantially in later years.

Baby's sleep longer.  They are generating huge growth in brain cells and learning, etc.

Teenagers, per studies, tend to have a tendency to stay up later and to have to sleep in more - it is not just flakiness!  They are just not as alert earlier if they haven't slept a bit extra. In school, they have found that teenagers learn significantly better if they have later class starting times - and resisting that is like resisting gravity - you will only be frustrated.