I saw the huge phenomenon movie "The Secret" (and read the book).  It was inspirational.  I even wanted to believe a few of the "mind over matter" miracles. 

But in the end, even a participant in the movie, Jack Canfield, as a guest on Oprah, acknowledged that one must take action if one is to produce results. (What a spoiler!)

The truth seems to be that we all want miracles and to go the easy way, that magically gets results without much effort. 

And certainly "manifesting" and "attracting" results to oneself merely by thinking of them is hugely appealing.  We want to believe it, but we must be careful not to avoid the traps that are clearly laid out in the book and summarized in this piece:  The Believing Brain - Know This! Or Be The Victim Of It, For Life!  

A sister statement is "thoughts become things", which is not exactly true.  But it is true that we only have a chance of causing a thing to be "manifested" if we first think of it. (Duh! Of course!).  It is the thought or the idea of wanting something to come into being that leads us to taking action and the action is what creates the thing.  "Thoughts become things" is only a shortcut statement, and as such it can be misleading.  The actual statement might instead be "from a thought I can create an action from which I can produce a desired result IF I take the proper steps."  (Not quite as appealing, huh?) 

We must be careful of skipping necessary steps in our thinking for we might end up in a world of unrealism, which normally will not work in life.  Everything in the universe happens according to the laws of cause and effect, in complete sequences producing natural effects.  See The Elementary "Physics Of Life" Necessary To Be Life- Successful


If we align our thoughts with the vibes of what is out there in the universe, it shall be attracted, even "magnetized" to us!  

What a great idea!

I tried to think that way, but I found that when walking through restaurants all the silverware jumped up and stuck to my body.  Perhaps, I'd gone too far on the "be a magnet" idea.  D'ya think?

Anyway, other than a few distant gurus mostly in India, there is virtually no one who has gained that skill of creating (manifesting) physical objects merely through mind power.  (But in the movie Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson, the "how" of it was "proven", and startled the professor who was an expert on the mind, played by Morgan Freeman.)


What is similar attracts what is similar, for they are "compatible" and fit each other and "align" with each other. 

Of course, we tend to feel safer with those people who are similar to us, but that is not a miracle of attraction, but just an evolved form of coping with the world and avoiding what is not safe for us. 

And, it is true that if we are admired and respected by others and have desirable traits, others are attracted to us (if we are safe enough and not scary in our having become powerfully awe-inspiring).  [I do try to keep myself below a certain level of this, as I do not dare risk being so powerful that, as I walk by people, people fly up and stick to my body.]  

What gets confusing, at least in terms of interpreting the words we use, is the idea that we will manifest more good results in life if we think a certain way, have certain useful beliefs, and behave in alignment with what works to get certain results.  But that is not "attraction", that is cause and effect.  If I do/be that way, it causes more good stuff to be caused by me, period.

The danger of the "it shall be attracted unto us" and/or "God (or....) will provide for us" is that it is a passive approach, where something is done to us or for us (so we don't have to do it).  The truth is that life is about taking action, which energy is necessary to move the particles in matter around in such a way to create what we want. 

Dependence and/or passivity (they go together) will not get us what we want.  It is only proactivity, where we go forth as the generator and creator of our lives.

If we want good outcomes, other than via luck, we must do those things that cause the outcomes - they will not come from just thinking/hoping/believing.  Yes, believing is helpful, since it implies that we are not stuck in the mud of not believing - but that, again, is just cause and effect.  When we remove that which is impeding us to cause something, that something will more likely be caused.  Certainly no magic there!


At some point, I may return and write more about this, but I think this is clear and definitive enough.

You've just plain got to learn how to be effective if you want a great life.

In fact, you've got to know, understand, and be convinced of the value of following The Only Path To The Greatest Life


If we dismiss the idea of magic (plus the magical source of this information), you will find much truth buried in the works of Esther Hicks.  But you'll have to screen it out.

The truth that stands out for me is that we have a true indicator of what is right for us in life:  Our feelings.   We feel "bad" if we are doing that which our primitive brain (not the higher brain) believes/"thinks" reduces our ability to survive well.  We feel "good" if we think we are doing that which has us survive better.  That is just through evolution.

However, while the indicator is useful as a sign, it is only to be considered potentially true, as the primitive mind does not "think well", as it does not use logic nor check out the facts.  To clarify that, you might wish to read Intuition - Useful, But Not Always Accurate.

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